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Uk Mail phone deliveries….

Started by: spacefrog
On: 06/08/2018 | 20:12
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by: mcilwraith
on: 08/08/2018 | 13:52

@spacefrog i think there are problems with all carriers.if i see something is going to be delivered by yodel i don`t order it

and we will always see negative reports on the forums.very few members post when everything is ok

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by: kath72
on: 08/08/2018 | 19:52
Totally agree @mcilwraith
Maybe it’s a regional thing cos I have no cause for complaint with gg deliveries here in Glasgow either... always right in the middle of the hour slot given ... but yodel are horrendous (they once left my parcel ‘next door at number 15’ turned out it was number 15 three streets away) and I won’t order if they are delivering
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