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Usage statement - bad design

Started by: bobnockblue
On: 17/07/2018 | 12:57
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by: bobnockblue
on: 17/07/2018 | 12:57

I have a few phones with Giffgaff and find usage statement emails, and others, often very confusing with no, or hard to see, mention of which phone/account they are talking about.


Also the usage statements did, ?do, confuse by not making it clear whether usage and bar graph are talking about amount used or amount left.


By the by it would be great if Giffgaff allowed 1 account to manage multiple phones.  Would be much simpler.

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by: gvmhb
on: 17/07/2018 | 13:53
I actually think it's easier to keep track of the way it is now, and the bar graph clearly states that it's 'usage' so I'm afraid I don't understand your problem.
If you had several sims on one account I think that could be really confusing.
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