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Visual Voicemail

Started by: starsky135
On: 18/04/2014 | 09:51
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by: starsky135
on: 18/04/2014 | 09:51
It's something I've wanted for a while, but I'd really like Visual Voicemail to be a thing. When checking my voicemail, the first thing I am tempted to do is press Voicemail but I can't. Instead I have to dial a number for 8p a minute!
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by: alicepowell
on: 18/04/2014 | 09:57
I'm not entirely sure what you mean by this. Can you explain what "visual voicemail" actually is. The reason the button doesn't work on some phones is due to the phone providers not recognising giffgaff as a network. And on other phones you can change the dial number for the button under the settings. So there are ways around having to always dial 443. The 443 voicemail costs either 1 minute from your goodybag or 8p.

So long and thanks for all the fish payback! 

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by: bethanaaay
on: 18/04/2014 | 10:01
As said above by Alice, this doesn't work because Apple doesn't recognise giffgaff as an official carrier. Giffgaff and Apple have been in talks for a long time - years - but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere Smiley Sad
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by: hazel22
former giff-staffer

on: 20/04/2014 | 19:55

Hey folks, if you want to support iPhones coming to giffgaff, which we'd all be excited to see - please Kudos/Vote for this idea asking for us to have a direct relationship with Apple to achieve that



4th April 2011 - 5th June 2015
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by: csmr
on: 27/07/2014 | 11:28
Pretty poor that visual voicemail is not supported.

All the complicated discussions about different phone vendors on this forum is out of place.

Just support the OMTP visual voicemail standard.
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by: awsnowdon
on: 02/10/2014 | 19:22
I agree it is poor just moved to giffgaff and have to say I may not have if I had realised that visual voicemail was not supported. Come on giffgaff lets not go backwards, seeing and accessing a list of voicemails has been around since the first iphone and we are on v6 now.
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by: w69d
on: 02/10/2014 | 20:38
Hi ,have you looked at hullo mail ,it's in the App Store (does the same thing as visual voicemail )
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by: sanjaatjain
on: 17/07/2015 | 12:27

Currently in the UK, only EE provides visual voicemail

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by: sanjaatjain
on: 17/07/2015 | 12:29

also, for orange, its  a quid a month and not available for T-Mo in the UK.

All else, no other options.

WIth giffgaff, atlest we now have network ID available for iphones.

Whilst we still stick it out with 443 dialing,

however on iso8, the voicemail button WORKs as voicemail shortcut.


Hope this helps.


if you like,

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by: jonty68
on: 17/07/2015 | 12:59
@starsky135 I use a free iOS app called Libon to provide a visual voicemail service. It offers custom greetings based on the caller ID, notifies me by email also and transcribed the voice message to text for free. So not only do I see who's called and I can also read transcribed voice message visually without having to listen.
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