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What do you really hate about mobile networks!

Started by: vincent
On: 04/02/2010 | 09:57
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by: mrscruffy
on: 01/04/2010 | 22:09

Absolutely nothing worse than a 24 month contract!!!




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by: trick202
on: 02/04/2010 | 10:30

ha! Yeah, they are there to seduce the impulse buyer into a lovely new handset  for a bit less per month than the 18 month contract.


Trouble is: I'd wager a large number of people want a new phone after a year or so, and so are gutted when they are stuck with a 2 year old handset. (disclaimer for patrice: I said "a large number", not "patrice" or "everyone") Smiley Wink


Also, if you tot up the amount you're handing over in 24 months, you could have bought a handset sim free and called the shots a bit more.

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by: dancampion
on: 08/04/2010 | 16:19 edited: 08/04/2010 | 19:46

Had a depressingly long argument with a callcentre lady (in Phillipines) about why I wanted my PAC and didn't want any of the exciting "3 months free x or y" that T-mobile was suddenly offering. Smiley Indifferent

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by: bill
on: 08/04/2010 | 21:52

The thing that gets me the most is all the red tape in getting something done on my account.

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by: phil8715
on: 08/04/2010 | 22:26

My main phone is on 3UK and is worth about £350, because 3 is a 3g network, 2g backup is slowly being eradicated. My phone HTC Hero has no 2g option  so I had to use my £50 Samsung B3310 without dropping a call with my Giffgaff simcard.

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