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What do you really hate about mobile networks!

Started by: vincent
On: 04/02/2010 | 09:57
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by: vincent
former giff-staffer

on: 04/02/2010 | 09:57

Hi all,


As you know, now that giffgaff has launched, we're trying to improve on things all the time. We're listening to all your feedback and have implemented a number of things already to improve the service.


But just in case we miss anything, it would be great if you could tell us all the things you really hate about mobile networks, so we can make sure we'll avoid them.


So let rip! Smiley Wink







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by: teabag
on: 04/02/2010 | 11:59

Not being able to lend someone some credit. 

Inappropriate direct marketing

Rubbish websites (which this one isnt) Smiley Happy


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by: jpc
on: 04/02/2010 | 12:01

Oh where to begin? In no particular order:

Foreign call centres,  where the ops read from a script and don't quite understand what you are saying. Three, I'm looking your way. 

Tricksey packages that make your head spin trying to remember all the catches. Top up by so much, get such and such free. Great when it works. Orange, you stink.

Unlimited data downloads, that are capped to fair usage. No that isn't unlimited at all.

Now the positive.

I'm very happy with giffgaff so far. I like the plain simple approach to tariffs. I think texts could be cheaper though, knowing the real cost to the telcos.


More flexible topup options would be nice. If I'm down the supermarket, adding a topup at the till is handy.


I really like the free data. I am a light data user 1-2mb a day, so free is perfect. (I have to admit to being slightly annoyed by users who expect to tether their iBerries for nothing though.)

Keep up the good work. Power To The People!


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by: ethani99
on: 04/02/2010 | 12:08

Hey Vincent,


I think the single most annoying thing is the sneaky charges that they hit you with, giffgaff have a simple price plan in place so you know what your spending.


Oh and the second most annoying thing is the 30 minute phone calls to 0870 numbers which you end up being transferred to 5 different departments only to go back to the first department and be told that they are right and you are wrong, God I hate that happening! lol Smiley Tongue Smiley Happy Smiley Happy


In any case giffgaff seem to want to help which is a very refreshing change.




Ethani99. Smiley Wink


Oh and Kudos is a giff and gaff thing! Keep them coming peeps..... Smiley Tongue

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by: t3chy
on: 04/02/2010 | 14:52

Can of worms here Vince!


I was on Orange for 18 months, the worst ones of my life. On a £35 a month contract, it cost me over £2000 ... I'll leave you to do the maths. I took them to court over shadow charges, services I didn't order, 'replacement phones' I never ordered and wasn't allowed to give back and more. Evan on pay-n-go, you add a tenner for free texts, but there is a clause that means if you actually send one of those free texts, they kill your cat.


They dress up these tarrifs with simple pictures and what not when infact, they are shadow charging themselfs an extension to their house.


screw call centres too, i know more about phones than them.





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by: andy0
on: 04/02/2010 | 15:10

@t3chy wrote:

. Evan on pay-n-go, you add a tenner for free texts, but there is a clause that means if you actually send one of those free texts, they kill your cat.



Smiley Very Happy - so the £2000 wasn't for phone calls at all, but vet's bills?


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by: t3chy
on: 04/02/2010 | 15:21

Haha! Well spotted.


Orange are the worst netwrok I have had in my life, ever. When I was living in USA, evan AT&T did not compete with outrageous claims and bad signal.

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by: bigfatbball2
on: 05/02/2010 | 18:31 edited: 05/02/2010 | 18:33

personally have a very deep hate for orange and BT - very expensive but no better service, crap customer service, extra charges everywhere, false/misleading advertising, call centres which will sign you up to packages you didn't ask for ending you up having to pay 200£ for a paperwork mistake of one of their agents who signed you up to the wong deal, then you have dell which transfers you 5 times - no idea if there ever gonnas answer the phone anytime soon and charge you a bucket load for a call just to tell you their stuff is extremely unreliable but since it's out of warranty they don't give a **bleep**. (Yeah just had a couple ofvery annoying weeks recently with call centres and useless abroad call centres.)



So in general companies who don't give a **bleep** because they know they f****ed you over via the T&Cs and they are making bucket loads of cash for there share holders forgetting to ever give a **bleep** about there customers'.


Also fake unlimiteds and complex schemes to make bucket loads - cf french market and orange&voda's iphone data plans



rant mode off .....for now



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by: jameswilson
on: 08/02/2010 | 16:01

Man Sad  Call centres, great respect to all those working there, but I just don't want to have to call you, neither do I want you to call me.  A smoothly operated Network should be able and want to run on minimal contact with its customers.  Call centres should only be for major issues and as such should be staffed by knowledgeable experts, rather than poorly trained but well meaning people from overseas.


Also the charging, which is just so opaque it looks like the Networks are intending to confuse and by so doing get away with overcharging.  Not saying that the networks are intentionally doing this, just that this is the impression I come away with.


Interesting topic!

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by: alexpower
on: 08/02/2010 | 19:17

I have no complains, apart from the fact there are no text/call bundles. One of the reasons why I miss Orange; on GiffGaff I have to watch my spending haha.

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