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What will 5G bring?

Started by: t_will
On: 06/02/2019 | 17:31
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by: t_will
community giff-staffer

on: 06/02/2019 | 17:31

I got thinking the other day. It seems like we've only just got to the point where 4G is the norm for a lot of people, and 5G is already on people's lips as the new technological leap forward. With 4G internet making an always-connected lifestyle a reality and becoming the backbone of so many people's lives, we'd love to see your predictions for what the next generation of mobile technology will bring.


We're pretty sure that conversations like this are happening in board rooms all up and down the country - people trying to decide for you what this technology should be, how it works, and what you're going to use it for. But we know, of course, that the true nature of any technology isn't decided by those people. It's decided by the people who use it. So, we thought we'd come straight to you.


In a few years, when 5G is the accepted standard, what do you see it being used for?

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by: bluemoonbaz
on: 06/02/2019 | 17:40 edited: 06/02/2019 | 19:40

Hi Will 

The much anticipated 4g arrival was trumpted as the new way forward and all the things that would open up , i think 5g will be the same .

Eveyone will be initially excited and will scramble to buy new hard ware and pay more for a new 5g service, but it will soon be just like 4g and the shine will soon wear off.

Most people will never need any capabilities a 5g service could offer above the 4g service, other than if we can get home use at a good price .

Would giffgaff then maybe go down the home broadband offering ?


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by: endorphin
on: 06/02/2019 | 17:49 edited: 06/02/2019 | 18:03

Hmm, as long as the delivery lives up to the hype then I see that 5G will bring:

  • longer battery life as it will take less time to download data
  • higher resolution streaming video although this difference will be barely noticeable on handheld devices (unless you have the eyes of an eagle I suppose)
  • and, my personal favourite, a worthy and workable replacement for copper/fibre based broadband

These advantages will probably be offset by the high, early adopter cost of the hardware and service though. Smiley Sad

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by: gizzblue
on: 06/02/2019 | 17:57

Another question could be . . So we all really need 5g .....I'm not sure I do tbh .....4g is great for me personally .

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by: k89bpa
on: 06/02/2019 | 18:19
We will definitely see people complaining about indoor coverage for some time unless there's a huge mast deployment because the frequencies are not good for building penetration, (I predict external aerials to sprout from buildings in their hundreds of thousands).

And more people doing as I do and replacing their fixed line with mobile only, (as endorphin said).

And, I think it's going to the death of MNVO providers too, (except perhaps those propped up by their big brother/owners the MNO providers), because as fixed line replacement becomes more commonplace, people are gonna need and want cheap bandwidth and not a single MNVO is gonna be able to compete.

I'm rocking 80GB for a fiver a month right now on 4G and that's what's the best you can get for a fiver via an MNVO? 1GB? 2GB?

If 5G really is the promised land in terms of capacity then when the migration happens people are gonna be looking for at least 200GB per £10 spent, especially considering my deal and the fact that Three are dishing out 1000GB for £20. MNO can do that, probably without breaking sweat, but MNVO? Not likely.

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by: claw
on: 06/02/2019 | 18:44

To be honest I'm always late to the party with this type of thing.


But I wonder what 5G will bring of any real benefit. 4K streams perhaps? but then again.. we'd need to an incredibly high data package available for this, something like 100GB per month minimum? To be able to watch a few movies, so probably not. Beyond that type of thing I can't see a realistic benefit of 5G over 4G for general web browsing.


I'm only just getting a stable 4G connection in my area in the past couple of years and I never have the allowace to be able to stream videos. I can't see 5G being of realistic benefit to me at the moment.

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by: shabazmoqsud
on: 06/02/2019 | 20:58

@t_will the network infrastucture will need to ve in place if 5G is to be a success.


There is so many areas where 4G coverage is poor


That needs to fixed also.

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by: cloughey
on: 07/02/2019 | 00:23
If it delivers all that it promises, I see it as a good replacement to home broadband, let's wait and see how it's pricing shapes up.
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by: inspiron42
on: 07/02/2019 | 08:18
I would prefer to get 3g first. It is about time data coverage was more universal
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by: tradertall
on: 07/02/2019 | 10:48
used for videocalls and instant translation
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