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allow unthrottled access to giffgaff website

Started by: 05hudsond
On: 29/12/2018 | 21:13
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by: 05hudsond
on: 29/12/2018 | 21:13

not sure if this is the right place to post but im asking , no im begging please allow access to gifffgaff website at proper speeds after the 20gb because it takes ages to sign in and pages are so slow , if where supposed to be helping people  shouldnt they allow us to use the site un throttled then we can help people faster and also use the forums as i love the forums on here its just so slow beetween 8am and 12 am ( longest peak hours ive ever seen )


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by: magnus21
on: 29/12/2018 | 21:25


The forum pages seem to be very slow no matter what you use. I'm using my home broadband at the moment & the H&S section is very slow,... almost impossible to use at times !

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by: giffgaff20147
on: 29/12/2018 | 21:48


Hello I can’t agree with you ,

it does what it says in the description if you want full speed all time it slows everyone else down you need a big network to support that and really you need home broadband

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by: giffgaff20147
on: 29/12/2018 | 22:04 edited: 29/12/2018 | 22:07


As far as the forum being slow it’s been like that for ages WiFi makes no difference ,

its changing to vanilla in new year and hope that improve it ,


at present use any goodybag you want and forum is slow yet all  other webpages I visit are fine 


i manage to help over 5000 posts ‘this year so it can be done

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by: 05hudsond
on: 29/12/2018 | 22:28
well i notice a huge diffrence in peak times its unbearable lol what slows giffgaff down is the lack off bandwith and 02s slow network .... imagine sharing a 10p penny sweets bag beetween 100 people thats giffgaffs network
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by: 05hudsond
on: 29/12/2018 | 22:30
i need home broadband to talk on the forums why ?? i look forward to your reasons for this also i have broadband its just not active untill 3rd as ive switched isps, altho i have never understood why people on these forums who use small ammounts of data tell people who use more then them they need wifi or home broadband etc
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by: mcilwraith
on: 30/12/2018 | 12:41 edited: 30/12/2018 | 12:48

the site is slow at any time so unthrottled wouldn`t make any difference

my dl speed at the moment running desktop streaming tv and tablet is 218mbps.giffgaff site still lags

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by: newcrazymember2018
on: 01/01/2019 | 11:56

I think Giff Gaff are working on making it a faster speed, I am sure I read something about the website getting updated for this year.

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by: maxheadroom1988
on: 01/01/2019 | 13:01

They'll be dragging their heels with that though wont they I wouldn't hold your breath.

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