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contacting agents - adult filter queries - missing?

Started by: giffgaffprepper
On: 29/04/2018 | 19:28
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by: giffgaffprepper
on: 29/04/2018 | 19:28

I'm sure there use to be an agent link for adult filter issues, can't seem to find it now?


why? which one are we now suppose to use?

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by: giffgaffprepper
on: 29/04/2018 | 20:41 edited: 29/04/2018 | 20:43

woodyuk wrote:

This one?


You can find the links for all the agent catergories in this KB article.



I'm sure I looked in calls / texts and couldn't see it, and I double checked, either the site is having whoopsies or I need to clean my glasses?


anyways I used a slightly different ask link to reply to a post in H&S, the result being the same, an agent will read the message


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