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giffgaf are total crap!!!

Started by: ironzie
On: 14/09/2015 | 15:18
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by: ironzie
on: 14/09/2015 | 15:18
Ok since giffgaff like to use funky youth terminology im sure they won't be offended by me calling there internet service total crap or maybe antiawsome! Is more fitting,joking aside giffgaff really does wear me down i mean why does my and my girlfriends internet not work what seems like 50-60% of the time?
I have been with giffgaff for something like 18months and i would have rated the internet 7out of 10 sure at times YouTube buffered or web pages were slow but now even browsing is useless even trying to buy from ebay is a F up
this is how i see it ,giffgaff are taking my goodie bag money every month and won't give me the service i have paid for! Not even close ,my internet is working at( my) rating of 2 out of 10 right now and its nothing to do with my device cos my Gf new Samsung is the same
and if you had any face or morals you would give me a refund but of course you will just hide behind the community

this is the mutterings of a frustrated and end of his teather customer ,pretty sad really and im sure 4g will just be fine n dandy ;(

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by: nigelbrooks
on: 14/09/2015 | 15:25



Sorry that it hasn't worked for you.


O2's coverage and speeds in many areas is poor bordering on non-existant.


I spend three or four weeks each year in west Wales and there is no O2 coverage, not even 2G!


EE have great coverage but are rubbish when at hom, so I'll stick with gg until ee get their act together.


Good luck with whichever network you move to and I hope the speeds are better.

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by: shash88
on: 14/09/2015 | 15:27
Bad experience !!!
but I am Happy with gg.
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by: exmember-2018-4735772
on: 14/09/2015 | 15:29 edited: 14/09/2015 | 15:31

gg is ok for some but not others, same goes with all networks

if you wish to keep your numbers when leaving gg, dial 43431 and follow instructions for PAC request, PAC numbers are valid for 30 days



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by: 54jd
on: 14/09/2015 | 15:31
Giffgaff has been fine for me
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by: johnrooney80
on: 14/09/2015 | 15:32
It's 43431 for your pac. Sorry your coverage hasnt been too good, my apologies on behalf of all the best @ironzie
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by: germansheppard234
on: 14/09/2015 | 15:54
Just seems like u r in area where signal is not good, we all get problems with certain networks with bad signal, we don't get abusive we just get pac code and leave network, 43430 for your pac code, sorry if gg not for u
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by: missej
on: 14/09/2015 | 15:58
R u on 4g? Some areas 4g is really slow, u mite need to change back to 3g
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by: mic_fin
on: 14/09/2015 | 15:59
I'm quite the opposite. o2 for me is miles faster than giffgaff tbh.
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by: p7dwy
on: 14/09/2015 | 16:02

Hello @ironzie and welcome to the community.


I am sorry to hear that your in an area that has bad o2 internet speeds.


giffgaff does other great value and excellent customer service so you might be better sticking with us for your calls and texts but using wifi for your internet where ever possible.


All the best.

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