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Started by: finarina
On: 12/01/2019 | 14:33
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by: finarina
on: 12/01/2019 | 14:33 edited: 12/01/2019 | 16:12

Hi Everyone and I hope you are having an awesome 2019 so far Smiley Happy I just wanted to leave feedback somewhere to say how HAPPY I am with Giffgaff!! It's been 2 years now, and I don't plan on changing unless (for some, weird, apocalyptic reason) they make me!!
Firstly, for what I get (which has been a sim only for 2 years) it's super reasonable on the wallet ££, secondly, they let you 'tether' your data (which is ace if your household internet goes down the toilet), thirdly, (and the initial reason I got with them) they score really well on the Ethical Consumer Index (covering exploitation, environmental impact etc), fourthly, when the signal was down for a day recently, they gave people the option of donating to charity, and gave almost £400k to Crisis as a result and FIFTHLY(is that a thing??) I just searched online to buy the phone I wanted (Experia XA2) and it was £50 cheaper with GiffGaff than anyone else. And STILL no need for a contract!
So thanks! I'm feeling much love for ya xxxx Not sure if this is the right place to share this but it seems like a place with good vibes Smiley Happy

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by: endorphin
on: 12/01/2019 | 17:43

Glad to see you're liking it here @finarina Smiley Happy

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by: isabel1066
on: 12/01/2019 | 19:50
@finarina thank you for this positive review about giffgaff.
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by: bobrobinson
on: 12/01/2019 | 21:01

Wow @finarina

What a ovely and possative post  you have posted.

Iv been with giffgaff almost 8 years now and im delighted with the service they give.

And im sure you will be with us for a long time to come as giffgaff gets better and better.

All my very best to you and thanks for coming on here to give your very possative words about our wonderfull network.

BobSmiley Happy

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by: sha_shah1
on: 12/01/2019 | 22:33


Thanks for your feedback.glad to see that you are a happy giffgaffer


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by: allan1954
on: 13/01/2019 | 09:26
@finarina thanks nice to see happy giffgaff members.
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by: davidevans0000
on: 13/01/2019 | 10:12
cheers @finarina glad you are happy.
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by: popcorn3000
handy giff-staffer

on: 15/01/2019 | 13:45
Thanks for your great feedback! Glad you're super happy with us and hope you enjoy your Experia XA2!
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by: kathleen414
on: 15/01/2019 | 17:31

Thank you for your review @finarina

62530000.gifpassing the love on

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