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giffgaff Spread - have you recruited any members?

Started by: aggy_agate
On: 03/07/2018 | 16:15
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by: aggy_agate
community giff-staffer

on: 03/07/2018 | 16:15

 Hi all,


We're looking to share some nice and encouraging member quotes in our emails to inspire more members to benefit from giffgaff Spread.  As you know, on giffgaff you can earn £5 for each friend that you bring on board, but how easy is that?  What's your experience with giffgaff Spread? Do you have any feedback you've received from your friends/family who have joined through the scheme? How do you usually bring newbies on board e.g. where do you share your affiliate link? What are the benefits of taking part? 


Share your thoughts and we might pick your quote to feature in our emails. Every comment matters because it also helps us to have a deeper insight into how you feel about the scheme. Smiley Happy




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by: isabel1066
on: 03/07/2018 | 16:24

@aggy_agate I use my giffgaff banner had a good few recruits over the years and it works ok for me.

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by: zahra_javid
on: 03/07/2018 | 19:36

@aggy_agate my husband joined through my giffgsff spread page in 2014.  Not sure how to check though.

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by: shabazmoqsud
on: 03/07/2018 | 19:39

@aggy_agate some months ago i got an email that someone had ordered a sim from my banner


However when i check my recruits link 


It comes up sim not activated.


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by: the_islander
on: 03/07/2018 | 21:09
@aggy_agate I may be far from a super recruiter but I'm always telling people about how giffgaff gives more than just a good network experience. The £5 bonus credit when you join is just the tip of the iceberg, there's a real community spirit and mega savings to be had with absolutely no contracts to weigh you down. Freedom to change your usage month to month is a real winner.

On a side note, quick question on banners, where do giffgaff hide their pre-made ones these days? I wanted to add one but couldn't find them.
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by: davidevans0000
on: 03/07/2018 | 21:09 edited: 04/07/2018 | 09:00

@aggy_agate I have had some recruits from my banner but the members I do not know.

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by: k89bpa
on: 04/07/2018 | 01:35

I don't think a single person has joined giffgaff because of me, unless I'm forgetting some from my original account.


The reason is two-fold. One, you have a terrible reputation among people I know who are aware of you. Two, I can only tell people of my own experiences and whilst my experience of your network services is great, my experience of your account support is abysmal.


Vodafone suffer from the same reputation issues, in fact, they suffer more than you do in terms of that, but I have received recruitment bonuses from Vodafone regardless for one simple reason...


I joined Vodafone because of their 30 day break clause, (network guarantee), coupled with the fact that they offered the first month free. They've done the same for others. Once people have actual experience of the network services and the support they offer, they stay, and we both get a £50 bonus.


That £50 bonus by itself is not enough to persuade people to sign up because the reputation they have is so appalling. It's the promise of an entirely free, zero-risk trial which gets them on board, and the excellent network and customer service which keeps them beyond the trial.


Three were really difficult to sell to people as well because of their coverage issues, (the same affects each Three MNVO as well), not many people would sign up with them, despite them offering £25 and despite my own very positive experiences with them).


Tesco were a very easy sell despite no joining bonus and no free trial, because of their network services, their allowances, their support and the fact that they had a good reputation and my own experiences of them were only positive, (the only issue I had was the lack of call forwarding). People were very open to joining them.


People don't care about joining bonuses, they want reasonably priced, reliable services, good customer support and allowances which fit their usage.


Where a company has a poor reputation the only thing which will convince people to give them a go is a totally free, zero risk trial. The only way to keep them beyond the trial period is to meet their network and service expectations during the trial and to keep doing so once the trial has ended.


In terms of who I've "recruited" for which network, by far the most have joined Tesco and the majority of those who joined have chosen to stay well beyond their initial minimum term and have no intention of changing networks. Next comes Vodafone, with all, like me, planning to stay beyond their initial minimum term as far as I'm aware. Next is Three, who I think due to network issues have now lost most of the recruits I sent their way, (some to Tesco, most to Vodafone), how they ultimately lost me, and then there are O2/giffgaff who maybe have one or two but not for a long, long time and I've no idea if they stayed or not.


If you offer a free trial then maybe people would consider joining on my say so but to keep them you would have to offer them a level of support which is far better than you've offered me because if you treated them how you've treated me they'd be off like a shot before the trial is over.


Another thing counting against you is ease of use. People want convenience and you're simply not as convenient to use as other providers, (this is vs SIM only contracts because everyone I know does or would qualify for a SIM only contract and prefer contracts to PAYG), in terms of payment and account management.


And finally, also counting against you is the complexity of use which comes with using your network, specifically how difficult and complicated the website is to use in terms of finding information and how the information is laid out. People want easy access to information about their accounts, they want easy access to account management tools, and neither of those things are available here.


Being brutally honest, there is only one single demographic I can think of where giffgaff would be an easy sell and I can't name that demographic because people here will jump on me. 


giffgaff used to be an easy sell because people didn't wanna be tied into expensive and long term handset deals and of the rest giffgaff were a long way ahead of the competition and appealing to many demographics as a result but the introduction of SIM only deals, and especially the changes in the packages over the past three years, has dramatically reduced the appeal of giffgaff, which was further eroded by years of well publicised network issues and this community reputation. 


Even with the package changes, which are very good, you're still not going to be an easy sell to most demographics, because whilst you're offering 20GB for £20, Vodafone are giving me 50GB, who do you think people are more likely to choose to go with? You both have shocking reputations, so on that you're equal, but then Vodafone are giving that trial which you're not, and when people ask me for my personal experiences of the levels of support I receive, it's a slam dunk for Vodafone, (if they are even willing to ignore the reputation which many won't, so they'll head off to Tesco or EE who both have a good reputation). 


And the truth is, even if people do give you a go, if they get the same level of support from you, (agents), that I have, they'll not stay for long. 


But that one demographic, if I knew people in it, I could have them swarm here and they'd all stay, guaranteed. I just don't know anyone in that demographic so recommending giffgaff is a total waste of time. Even my friends kids won't touch you, they're all on Voxi and Smarty, all of them, without exception, (the majority of them being on Voxi). 


It's not fair on you lot because you've worked really hard to improve network services and packages to a level where the network SHOULD appeal to more demographics and maybe over time you will if you simplify things and take the steps necessary to repair your reputation but it will take time. 


You should be on an equal footing with Tesco because your packages pretty much match theirs from next week and your network performance is equal too thanks to the work you put in to get that up to scratch, but in all other areas except technical support you're behind them, so those who can get credit will always choose them over you and the promise of a fiver isn't going to change that, (I'm not saying that as a Tesco customer either I left them for Vodafone in October last year, this is all coming from conversions with people in the real world about mobile services). 

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by: glaswegianeric
on: 04/07/2018 | 05:01

As for the ease of use of online account management tools, giffgaff, imo, aren't that bad at all. Vodafone, actually, I'm not too impressed with - myVodafone is a bit slow, buggy, on/off switchers for various options work funny sometimes.
Three are quite so so as well, their app I consider to be the worst, and it always takes ages to update data allowances.
I quite like MyO2, both the website and the app, EE is ok, but can be quite inconsistent and buggy sometimes. giffgaff, like I said, ain't too terrible imo.

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by: k89bpa
on: 04/07/2018 | 06:17 edited: 04/07/2018 | 06:57

I'm surprised by your comments @glaswegianeric, though I guess it's personal preference. Personally I love the full control which Vodafone gives. Three did enough by allowing me to block all non-inclusive usage but I prefer the Vodafone "full control" approach. 


As for data reporting, I guess that depends on your plan.


My account with Three was unlimited everything so I didn't have to check my usage at all as I quickly realised they weren't able to tell when I was tethering, (not that I ever really did apart from a few gigs here and there, well within my allowance). 


My Vodafone account is virtually unlimited thanks to the passes I have active too, since activating them I only use 20-40% of my plan data, (the 50GB), so I don't really have to monitor that either, (before I had the passes active my plan data was capped so I didn't have to check then either).


I have just checked and according to Vodafone, I've 46.6GB of my plan data remaining for use over the next ten days before my renewal date, so I'm really not at all worried about my data usage. 


That said, I downloaded a torrent the other day and that usage was reported almost instantly in the app, (I downloaded the torrent, renamed it, moved it then checked the app, the download was reported correctly in the app), so they do report in real time or almost real time. 


All that aside, I have an app on my phone monitoring my data usage. This app is configured to sound an alarm at 45GB usage, (out of 50GB), and it discounts the apps which Vodafone include in my passes from the total, (so for example it doesn't count my Netflix usage against the 50GB). 


What this means is that my app is actually over-reporting my data usage, because say I use Twitter in the browser, Vodafone aren't counting that against my plan data as it's free with a Social Pass, but my app is. So if the alarm does ever go off telling me I'm within 5GB of my limit, in reality I'll be much, much further away from it. 


It's actually the users responsibility to monitor their usage, and whilst it's not so necessary now that companies report in near real time, (unlike the bad old days when personal monitoring was essential), it's still something that people should be doing by default. I highly recommend that everyone do so. 


All of this is another reason why giffgaff is a difficult sell for me, like me, pretty much everyone I know is like me in that they're willing to purchase more than they need in order to have peace of mind. Many of those on the Tesco £20/20GB deal don't use more than about 5-10GB because they use fixed lines, but they want the security of the higher packages and they also don't want to have to continually be monitoring their usage, (minutes, texts or data). 

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by: thunderdragon
on: 04/07/2018 | 15:18
Hey @aggy_agate! :-)
I have to be honest and say that "GiffGaff Spread" sounds to me more like some kind of butter! Do GiffGaff plan to make this available in a (vegan-friendly) Sunflower based version, too? :-D :-)

Joking aside, I've managed to pick up a few members here and there and the occasional GBP 10,- recruiter bonuses are much appreciated when they take place, too! :-)

One of my friends recently tried spreading a number of GiffGaff SIMs by leaving them in hostels around a few French and Spanish cities, but I havn't heard anything about him getting any referrals from these yet. :-)
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