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giffgaff offer Huawei phones will they offer Honor phones?

Started by: shabazmoqsud
On: 07/11/2018 | 22:18
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by: shabazmoqsud
on: 07/11/2018 | 22:18

Hi All


I just wanted to make a suggestion and will post labs idea if enough support.  Giffgaff offer Huawei


Phones how about they offer phones of the more affordable sister brand owned by Huawei Honor and there phones.





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by: glaswegianeric
on: 08/11/2018 | 07:35
@shabazmoqsud There's another well-known Chinese brand about to make official appearance in the UK - Xiaomi. Rumor has it that Three will be the first (or one of the first) network to officially stock them.

It would be actually interesting if a network provider such as giffgaff (which surely aimed at those with affordability and budget-consciousness in mind) made an effort to officially import other brands that are popular on sites like Gearbest and AliExpress - Meizu, Ulefone, etc. The only issue would be, perhaps, organizing warranty support and service.
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by: shabazmoqsud
on: 08/11/2018 | 07:55

@glaswegianeric yeah im aware of Xiaomi


There is so much variety on offer that there is no need to pay £1000 plus for apple and samsung especially when the other manufactured phones can do just as much as the big name brands at a fraction of the cost.

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by: harrrrrry
on: 08/11/2018 | 08:27



At a guess, the big brands:


  • produce a phone that costs about £300 to make
  • sell them for a nominal £1000 fo make people think they're worth a lot more
  • let strategically chosen outlets buy them for £600
  • those outlets can sell them for £700-£850 to make you think you're getting a bargain despite still making £100 or more on the sale
  • everybody's happy, despite the end user having to pay way over what the phone ought to be worth

But the smaller brands:


  • produce a phone that costs about £150 to make
  • sell them direct for about £250
  • they've still got to charge the outlets £200 to cover distribution costs and profit
  • the outlets can't add more than about £30 to compete with the direct sale price so they don't make much profit, or they maybe choose to sell them below cost as loss leaders.

All prices guestimated, but sufficient to demonstrate why you'll mostly find the big brands sold here.


The same applies to biscuits, where you'll see a pack of biscuits probably costlng less than 50p to make, but priced "normally" at £2.78 so that the store can reduce them to £1 on alternate months and will probably sell more of them in the cheap months than they would in a year if they were properly priced at 75p all year round.


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