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giffgaff reputation risk and GD ?

Started by: tradertall
On: 15/07/2016 | 15:56
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by: tradertall
on: 15/07/2016 | 15:56

is there a risk for giffgaff as a company/brand to be associated with some of the "discussions" (later censored by moderators, sometimes) going on in its General Discussion forum?



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by: islasdad
on: 15/07/2016 | 16:06

Surely there is a "all opinions are users own & don't reflect giffgaff policy" type of thing in the Ts&Cs 

lets all be nice eh?
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by: williamwalker
on: 15/07/2016 | 17:16
That's like asking is facebook in danger of the same thing.
I very much doubt it.👍
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by: exmember-2018-4735772
on: 15/07/2016 | 18:08 edited: 15/07/2016 | 18:10

eh? I'm confused?

I need beer / curry / and a good seeing to by the wife laters

will this info risk the reputation of giffgaff and the general discussion section of the forum?

and will it be moderated / removed by the forum secret police?


and will I get lucky laters?

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by: danshevik
on: 16/07/2016 | 00:26 edited: 16/07/2016 | 00:27

I don't think this forum is important/taken seriously enough to get a reputation, or for outsiders to give a toss to be quite frank.



When i've seen giffgaff mentioned on other forums, it's never been followed with, 'just don't go on the forums, it's a cesspit of right wing salivating nutjobs'. Just 'data, ehh'.

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by: cass905
on: 16/07/2016 | 08:12
Close down Facebook twitter and any other forum out there then people are all different conflicts will happen no matter what social networking site your on no I don't think this will have any affect on giffgaff
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by: rong42
on: 16/07/2016 | 11:20



I've always thought, and have posted along these lines before, that the forum is effectively giffgaff's shop window. People will judge by what they see. Hopefully people looking at the forum realise that its an open forum, and people can post what they like (as long as they abide by the community guidelines) but I agree that the potential risk is there.


Also there is the potential risk of people looking at the forum and seeing member's frustration and complaints about giffgaff, which are poorly dealt with, e.g. bugs being reported and nothing been done for months, giffgaff staff members failing to come back to threads and answer questions, etc


Its only anecdotal, but I've had potential recruits who didn't join giffgaff, at least partly because of their impressions of the forum. Not saying it was their main reason(s) for not joining, but it played a role

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by: gizzblue
on: 16/07/2016 | 11:56
Half of all giffgaffers don't even go on the forums .

So no not at all.imho.

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by: jpcjpc
on: 17/07/2016 | 14:52

Or from people with dodgy avatars maybe?




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by: weelesleymc
on: 17/07/2016 | 18:40
If a post is put up on gd who else would it be associated with other than giffgaff
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