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giffgaff studio - Latest designs

Started by: shaina_k
On: 10/08/2017 | 13:30
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by: shaina_k
handy giff-staffer

on: 10/08/2017 | 13:30 edited: 06/10/2017 | 12:04

Hello! Hello!


I know a lot of you are waiting in anticipation to use giffgaff studio, the good news is that we are on track with the timelines and we are working on the build right now, so lots of interesting work happening in the background.


Here is a sneak peek of the designs so far, let us know what you think














We are really keen to hear your thoughts, feedback and questions, so please don’t forget to leave your comments on this post.


Have a great rest of the week.




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by: cim
on: 10/08/2017 | 14:00

Looks like it is going to be a fun app, I look forward to seeing the live version!


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by: allan1954
on: 10/08/2017 | 14:16
thanks looks like a fun app from me also.
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by: the_islander
on: 10/08/2017 | 17:28
Having had a bit of a play, this looks really simple and easy to use to make some awesome giffgaff pics. You guys have done a great job with this project.

Can't wait for the finished thing.
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by: premierphotosuk
on: 10/08/2017 | 18:12

@shaina_k just have give it a little test run and I think most members will be able to use this as it's super super simple to navigate around, I think once the final version is up and running I can see a good few members using it.Smiley Wink


My first impression it looks fun and creative, here are a couple of demo shots I've done as the layout should suite many gaffers as the ease of this fun little program.Smiley Very Happy


IMG_1444.PNGIMG_1445.PNGIMG_1446.PNGIMG_1447.PNGGreat job and well done to all involved. Looking good.👍🏻.




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by: magsiebee
on: 10/08/2017 | 18:31
The link's not working for me. I'm just getting a blank page on my phone. Do I have to download Adobe to be able to view it?
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by: premierphotosuk
on: 10/08/2017 | 18:37

@magsiebee If the screen is blank I would advise Adobe maybe needed.. please try doing that and let us know if it worked.




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by: magsiebee
on: 10/08/2017 | 18:40
Thanks @premierphotosuk. I'll download it now and will let you know. 👍
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by: giffer23
on: 10/08/2017 | 18:51
Looking forward to see it live.
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by: magsiebee
on: 10/08/2017 | 18:54
No, that's not working for me either. I downloaded Adobe photoshop and a flash player too. Awww! 😯
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