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giffgaff studio - New update

Started by: shaina_k
On: 06/06/2017 | 10:59
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by: shaina_k
on: 06/06/2017 | 10:59 edited: 13/07/2017 | 12:14

Hello there


I know you've been waiting eagerly to see what the giffgaff studio looks like and we are working really hard to get the designs to you soon. As part of designing the studio, we are running an extensive research on what creative content tools work best on mobile and desktop. We would love to hear from you on this, which tools and apps are your favourite and why? It would be great to know what aspects make it easy and fun for you to use it everyday.


Below mentioned are the features that we are looking to develop initially. It will be super helpful to get your thoughts so that we can design things together.


giffgaff your photos

You will be able to giffgaff your photos in the brand photography style, so that means adding brand colours, assets, doodles and backgrounds to your photos.


community tool final - images.012.jpeg  community tool final - images.014.jpeg

GIF creator

You will be able to make unique GIFs. You will be able to customise them using animations, brand assets and adding your own creative messages.


Flexible templates

There will be lots of easy to use templates for help, tips, step by step guides, where you will be able to add images and information.


  community tool final - images.017.jpegcommunity tool final - images.018.jpeg 











Have a brilliant rest of the week.




giffgaff Content Producer
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by: davidevans0000
on: 06/06/2017 | 12:39

@shaina_k thanks for the info.

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by: moominpappa
on: 06/06/2017 | 12:44

This sounds like great fun - what a brilliant idea! Smiley Happy

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by: 4128334
on: 06/06/2017 | 12:56



 I look forward to seeing the Giffgaff Studio up and running. 

 Sounds like a great idea. 

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by: ungourin
on: 06/06/2017 | 13:39

Fantastic post Great information and very colourful and bright to read and enjoyable to look at

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by: brulaw
on: 06/06/2017 | 14:29





Some excellent ideas .... Sounds like something a lot of members  ( Myself included ) will have a lot of fun with ......  thumbup.gif



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by: shaina_k
on: 06/06/2017 | 14:32
So nice to see the creativity already flowing Smiley Very Happy
giffgaff Content Producer
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by: germansheppard234
on: 06/06/2017 | 14:35
Great idea, I need to do a learning curve see if I can do it, cheers
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by: bobrobinson
on: 06/06/2017 | 15:23

Hiya @shaina_k

This looks a great idea. Thanks for the imfo


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by: isabel1066
on: 06/06/2017 | 15:25

@shaina_k thanks looks good.

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