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giffgaff xmas cards !

Started by: bladesman1889
On: 22/08/2010 | 05:05
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by: bladesman1889
on: 22/08/2010 | 05:05
i know its a little early yet but how about some giffgaff xmas cards :--)

what i was thinking was a tree design on the front of the card various giffgaff decorations, eg boubles with a single letter that spelled out giffgaff.

with/or perhaps a pile of sim card parcels underneath the tree ! (packed in their little white envelopes) ect ect :--]
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by: plarkster
on: 22/08/2010 | 09:02

Haha, cute.  They could have sim cards stuck inside so you could send them to all your family members!


giffgaff would probably have to charge to cover the costs, but if they weren't too expensive I'd buy some!

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by: simmeon
on: 22/08/2010 | 11:33
would look very cool . but not sure the extra cost involved will be benificial.
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by: canary1
on: 22/08/2010 | 11:36

If you have a large contact list for Christmas Cards it could work rather well, playing the numbers game if only 10% were interested it would be great.

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by: cinami
on: 22/08/2010 | 13:49

That's quite an interesting idea. It could appear in the spread the word feature and people could pay for them out of points or credit. A more proactive way to recommend a friend. It could also apply to birthday cards, send someone a giff gaff card for their birthday with a sim inside with 'free fiver for their birthday' credit when they activate it. Definitely give a moon pig a run for their money.

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by: yasser_7862
on: 22/08/2010 | 18:30 edited: 22/08/2010 | 18:32

. I personally think its much better on x-mas day itself, GG just send 1 MMS message to all there customers saying Merry Christmas Smiley Happy, Hmm, makes you wonder, maybe on xmas day, GG should select around say 50 members and give them free credit. That would be good, going down to check the post, seeing the xmas card, with a note under the tree saying,  "GG have selected to give you £10 free credit" Smiley Wink



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by: simmeon
on: 22/08/2010 | 22:49
free x mas credit would be mint. im getting excited.
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by: vincent
former giff-staffer

on: 26/08/2010 | 12:51

Maybe we can get people to design a few Christmas cards?


Use the pixel to create the holly leaves or christmas baubles, a christmas tree, you name it. 


I think the main priority needs to be that it is a proper Christmas card, with a tiny logo somewhere on the left- or right-hand bottom corner. 


Maybe some spiel about giffgaff on the back, in between the address and where you put your note.


The best ones, if there are any, would get printed and people can request X amount of cards, either for free or a small sum which we give to charity?


Something like that?

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by: jack17938
on: 26/08/2010 | 17:03
Sounds good! Also like the 'quick reply' functionability.
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by: dansette
on: 26/08/2010 | 17:15

Awesome idea. Especially with the sim-cards inside. If GG sold them, and then we gave them out, the network would get loads more subscribers. I like it!

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