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informing giffgaffers

Started by: sha_shah1
On: 19/11/2018 | 21:36
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by: sha_shah1
on: 19/11/2018 | 21:36

Just been reading on this update regarding gg site maintenance


its all good for us gg members as we stay updated, however those gg members who dont use the community forum will remain unaware. 


i suggest if gg can inform all giffgaff members via txt then it will make everyone aware.




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by: persco
on: 19/11/2018 | 21:54

I think you have a point but most of these maintenances are done in the night that only a few would be affected. Plus for a generic text to every member (and that’s a lot) that may not even be affected is kind of an intrusion really. There are updates/alerts that I agree should go out like major service outages but services like ones mentioned in that thread and not affecting say incoming and outgoing calls and texts are better restricted to the wee hours that don’t affect majority of members. 


Members are better alerted when the they hit site for service needed by eg a traffic light system and timeframe of work be displayed so members come back to carry out what they needed doing. 

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by: garyg1690
on: 19/11/2018 | 23:25

I don't think I've ever noticed when maintenance has been done 

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by: harrrrrry
on: 20/11/2018 | 00:30 edited: 20/11/2018 | 00:33



Nice idea, but there are several million members and it we know giffgaff has to spread the clock change announcement over 3 days to avoid delaying members' own texts,


Emails to those who have opted in might be more practical, but it only takes a few of the recipients to forget they opted in and mark them as spam for a sender to be blacklisted by the major mail servers, which then means we start losing more important individual messages because mail servers reject those as well.


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by: sarahbanahnah
on: 20/11/2018 | 07:00
Thanks for the update but it shouldn't affect many hopefully
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by: giffgaff20147
on: 20/11/2018 | 10:04


Hello they need a notice to come up when you try to login stating community 


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by: sue139uk
on: 20/11/2018 | 10:36
Text is intrusive, unless you specifically want to know about something. However I wish it had been used for phone offers rather than email as all phones sold out by the time I read email.
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by: tradertall
on: 20/11/2018 | 11:27
oops that's tonight ! a bit late notice !
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