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match asda mobiles unlimeted texts and calls offer for £25

Started by: kashif
On: 22/10/2010 | 19:46
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by: kashif
on: 22/10/2010 | 19:46

Hi, Asda at the moment is beating the unlimted text and unlimited calls, if giff gaff could match that it would be great, I know giff gaff has many perks and this is part of the reason I would like to stay with giff gaff but it would give more of a incentive for potential new giff gaff customers and it would probably increase custom among current customers.

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by: kevvy57
on: 22/10/2010 | 19:48
they do very well already.

add in your internet costs to the asda package and i sure giffgaff win
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by: jj1991
on: 22/10/2010 | 19:53
This maybe true but adds most probaly have fair usage polices where as giffgaff unlimited is unlimited
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by: kevvy57
on: 22/10/2010 | 19:58
asda f.u.p

9.8 The Asda Mobile pay as you go bundles i.e. Unlimited, Everyday, Simply Talk, Simply Text, Textaholic and Talkaholic are based on 30 days usage. Customers going over their allowance will be charged the standard Asda Mobile charges for calls and texts. The Asda Mobile Unlimited bundle is subject to a fair usage policy of 2000 minutes and 2000 texts per 30 days
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by: jj1991
on: 22/10/2010 | 19:59
Exactly giffgaff have no limits

Thanks jj1991
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by: chriszzzzzz
on: 22/10/2010 | 21:18

..............What is ASDA's data limit?????

£25....Rip Off.

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by: callumacrae
on: 22/10/2010 | 22:45
Giffgaff aren't aiming to beat anyone, anyway.

Why I left giffgaff: my (not so great) experience with the giffgaff agents:
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by: andreww
on: 22/10/2010 | 22:47

How much payback can you earn with Asda? Exactly! No contest Smiley Very Happy 

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by: kevvy57
on: 22/10/2010 | 22:49

@chriszzzzzz wrote:

..............What is ASDA's data limit?????

£25....Rip Off.

data is 20p per MB  so your FREE 100mb would cost you £1 per day on asda,  so £25 for calls and texts and £30 for internet  so you bargain asda actually costs you £55, with no payback or anything

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