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new Goody bag suggestion

Started by: sarah103
On: 19/07/2016 | 07:10
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by: sarah103
on: 19/07/2016 | 07:10

At the moment I am purchasing a £10 goody bag with unlimited texts (never use hardly any of them), 1Gb of data and 500 minutes. I have found recently that although I don't even use a 3rd of the data, as I have wifi at home, my minutes always seem to be running out before time and I have to bring my next goody bag forward. The next one with more minutes is more expensive which I don't want. Can you not introduce a goody bag, say, for £10 with less data (ie 500Mb) and more than 500 minutes, please? I'm sure I'm not the only one in this situation. Sarah Hughes

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by: alecglasgow
on: 19/07/2016 | 07:12
This has been talked about in labs u should have a look and vote
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by: wasbigbob40
on: 19/07/2016 | 07:12
look at it like this. not everyones got wifi sarah.
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by: nad786hussain
on: 19/07/2016 | 07:12

Goodybags are what they are for now, giffgaff will work on new goodybag plans to suit customers.

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by: giffygaffer01
on: 19/07/2016 | 07:13

It's unusual that your minutes are being used up faster but they could be a reason for this.

Are you calling giffgaff numbers for over 60 minutes, any minutes above 60 will be taken from your inclusive minutes.

Also, if you get a goodybag from your airtime balance, your free giffgaff to giffgaff calls don't refresh!!

About the goodybag suggestion good one, perhaps giffgaff is making a note of feedback as they introduce new goodybags once in a while.
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by: pimms21
on: 19/07/2016 | 07:14

Hi sarah103


You can always submit your idea to giffgaff using this link

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by: natty88
on: 19/07/2016 | 07:17
Hi @sarah103 sorry to say that is not long from giffgaff updated all the goodybag plan my friend as you have said you dont use many texts or much data you can only do what you have been doing or switch to one with more mins check all the allowances an prices for each goodybag here an decide if going up two more pounds would really help as remember if you use credit after your goodybags allowance of mins runs out you would pay 15p per min to call non giffgaff number think it over first would you save by using the goodybag or not
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by: jsmith2009
on: 19/07/2016 | 07:23
Yes unfortunately individual needs don't always match the goodybags available. Giffgaff goodybags generally meet the needs of rhe majority so this is how they have been set out.
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by: sarah103
on: 19/07/2016 | 07:23

No, I am not calling another Giffgaff number for over 60 minutes, nor am I buying it from my airtime babance. Glad you think my suggestion is good; lte's just hope that the powers that be do too!

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by: sarah103
on: 19/07/2016 | 07:26

Yeah, I know they can't please everybody, but in this day and age when more people have wifi at home than landlines that they use, it seems a sensible suggestion.

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