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short goodybag code

Started by: shabbas
On: 24/12/2017 | 03:09
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by: shabbas
on: 24/12/2017 | 03:09 edited: 24/12/2017 | 23:12

hi friends . i think giffgaff really need short goodybag activation code i seen many people are complaining about money and goodybag .just think someone put 20 topup and he want to buy goodybag of 20 u think he can buy?no there is no way bcoz soon as he topup and turn on data umtill he reach to buy goodybag  he will lost some money.bcoz of you need airtime credit to use mms as they cost 16p each to send and are not included in goodybags. Apps or web process but if he have short code i.e *100*20# for activation of 20 goody bag so he can buy goodybag and after user can turn on his data .

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by: dez_d
community giff-staffer

on: 08/01/2018 | 18:28

Hey folks,


This wasn't getting much exposure were it was so I've moved it over to here intead.



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by: weelesleymc
on: 08/01/2018 | 19:51

he can dial 43430 option 2 and buy a goodybag from there

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by: harrrrrry
on: 08/01/2018 | 21:58



Losing credit between topup and conversion to a goodybag is a real problem, but:


  • it only needs to be a problem the first time you top up as part of the sim activation process.
  • if you do subsequent topups by voucher, it's better to use the 43430 service which lets you buy the goodybag direct from the voucher
  • agents understand about a few pence of credit being lost between topup and buying the goodybag and will usually give you a token credit so you can buy the goodybag you wanted. It's not optimum and will take a day or so to fix, but its the best we can do at the moment.
  • giffgaff has recently tested a new activation process, which will in future allow you to buy even the first goodybag direct from your voucher without that separate topup process. It's not active yet, but will help to solve the problem of a few pence going missing before you can buy the goodybag. See


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