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Started by: sam05
On: 23/10/2010 | 22:51
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by: sam05
on: 23/10/2010 | 22:51

my 13 year old son would like a new phone xmas, either an htc z or htc hd, what would be the best one to get him

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by: nnj10
on: 23/10/2010 | 22:52

Between these two, definately Desire HD...

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by: inklebraids
on: 24/10/2010 | 08:03
Wait until both are available then take him into a shop and let him choose. My preference is for the keyboard and smaller screen, but it's a very personal choice.
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by: crazylegs
on: 24/10/2010 | 08:17

13 years old with a £450 phone!


More money than sense


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by: coloncancer
on: 24/10/2010 | 09:24
The Desire HD is the better phone, but also more expensive.

The Desire Z is cheaper, but also of a lower-spec and will be unable to run Android 3 (at least official).

I'd get him the Desire Z to be honest, unless he's a geek/technofan. =]
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by: petext200
on: 24/10/2010 | 11:14
If you want a massive touchscreen, Desire HD without a doubt, but if a keyboard is what he's after, the Desire Z definitely, although the desire z has a smaller screen it actually has the exact same resolution meaning that the pixel density is higher, therefore clearer images, so if it was me I'd get the Desire Z, but the Desire HD does look a slightly better phone overall
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by: kiwatche
on: 25/10/2010 | 10:49
If you want to adopt me i'll have any of them for my xmas prezzy
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by: mr_chi
on: 25/10/2010 | 10:57

Alternative phone....I've just purchase a Orange San Francisco on PAYG for £99+£10 compulsory top up. It's a android phone like the HTC desire with very good AMOLED screen (800x480 resolution). It can be unlocked very easily and used on Giff Gaff. Google it and you will find some very good reviews.

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by: alexb38
on: 25/10/2010 | 10:59

Neither. Get him an iPhone. They overrule every phone.

Lol no seriously just go with gut instinct. What's your budget and what does he prefer most?


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