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600mins 1gb 1k txt

Started by: smill29
On: 17/11/2018 | 13:26
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by: smill29
on: 17/11/2018 | 13:26

My mrs has been with o2 for years so I tried to convert her to gg 

o2 have twice amount of data six times amount of mins and twice as many txt for £5,I’m upset cos my house WiFi is crap and I used all of my tiny amount of data with my £5 goodybag consequently gg are now dipping into my top up £ for data, sorry gg but o2 offer a much,much better deal for £4!!!

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by: smill29
on: 17/11/2018 | 13:27
I mean £5,another thing once you’ve posted it seems impossible to edit anything
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by: gvmhb
on: 17/11/2018 | 13:45
That seems pretty surprising, I just looked on their website and it says that deal is £14 a month!
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by: gvmhb
on: 17/11/2018 | 13:49

You should be able to edit your post @smill29 by tapping the 3 dots at the bottom and choosing edit from the drop down list. 

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