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¡Adiós!/Goodbye/Au Revoir

Started by: jamesd2010
On: 06/04/2016 | 20:32
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by: jtemplar
on: 06/04/2016 | 20:54

Always sorry to see good members leave the gang and despite both being here for quite a while I never got to know you Smiley Embarassed


Do remember James that if you have any Payback due in June you will need to keep your current SIM active until it pays out. Smiley Wink


Best wishes!

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by: stevebrinda66
on: 06/04/2016 | 20:54
Stay safe.... And enjoy your new network
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by: chand311
on: 06/04/2016 | 20:58
Sorry to hear that, best of luck...
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by: bertiebat
on: 06/04/2016 | 21:20

Shame to see you leave James as I well remember the excellent contributions you made when you were more active on the forums.  


One of the best and feeling rather nostalgic for those more collaborative earlier days on the forums Cat Sad


All the best, Bertie




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by: awais_k
on: 06/04/2016 | 21:31

Don't leave ! You were a very good member and extremely helpful in your contributions to the community. You can still change your mind!! Smiley Happy
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by: sega_nintendo
on: 06/04/2016 | 21:31
Take care, all the best with your new network.
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by: nosh2
on: 06/04/2016 | 21:45
sorry to hear ur leaving Enjoy ur new network hope everything works out for the best
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by: paulipat45
on: 06/04/2016 | 21:54

Good bye and the very best of luck @jamesd2010

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by: natasha_smith
on: 06/04/2016 | 21:56
All the best with your new provider @james2010 its always sad to say farewell to a giffgaffer 😢
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