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Almost 7 Weeks Of Hell Is Iminent...

Started by: fozzie17
On: 12/07/2019 | 14:36
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by: fozzie17
on: 12/07/2019 | 14:36

One child is already home, and collecting the other one in half an hour. Afterwards... 


7 weeks of hell will be unleashed. What on earth has happened to this school year? 

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by: baconbutty
on: 12/07/2019 | 14:48

Another week yet here and they only get six weeks off.

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by: frenchielove
on: 12/07/2019 | 14:57

Ha ha @fozzie17  you know you love it! I used to hate it when they went back 🤗

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by: bobrobinson
on: 12/07/2019 | 15:05

Hiya @fozzie17 

I used to love it when my children was home.

I  always booked 3 weeks off from work and had some great times. Even if it was just going to the local park was great. And was so sad when they went back to school.

My mum and dad was the same when me and my brother and sister was at school.

Loved the school holidays.Smiley Happy

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by: adventure17
on: 12/07/2019 | 15:08

I don't envy you @fozzie17  😀 I'm glad I don't have that any more.

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by: majorincident
on: 12/07/2019 | 15:09


7 weeks of hell will be unleashed. What on earth has happened to this school year? 

Poor you.  Seven weeks of keeping children entertained, not to mention the additional expense.  I hope there are plenty of things for you all to do nearby, some of which may even be free.

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by: vickyjakesmum
on: 12/07/2019 | 15:16

You'll soon get into the swing of it @fozzie17  stick a paddling pool in the garden, that'll keep them happy in this weather.

I always looked forward to the holidays, I loved having them home, hated when they went back to school.


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by: madscouser69
on: 12/07/2019 | 15:29
even longer for us, my youngest goes back 16th September as in the first yea, still trying to sort out childcare for the extra 2 weeks as all the holiday clubs are closed and we have work
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by: mydrawer
on: 12/07/2019 | 15:29

Where as I am thinking... 7 weeks of easy traffic on my way to work!

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by: bobsta
on: 12/07/2019 | 15:39

I remember the summer holidays break and after two weeks I got bored. At the time there were some clubs but some kids thought hanging around town centres was better...

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