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Android Apps: Ridiculous

Started by: k89bpa
On: 08/12/2018 | 04:26
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by: k89bpa
on: 08/12/2018 | 04:26

I was just going through my list of android apps and I discovered...


I bought my main keyboard app in summrr 2016 for £1.66 and my main backup one in summer 2014 for £1.59 and both are still available and being updated. 


I bought my main sync app in January 2013 for £1.95 and haven't used anything else, but it's still the first thing I install on a device.


My main browser was purchased in summer 2014 for £2.38 and my primary backup in April 2013 for £1 93.


My ebook reader in March 2013 for £1.60, my notes app in April 2014 for £2.50, my clipboard app a month earlier for £1.23 my favourite and two most used launchers in April 2014 and November 2013 for £2.60 and £2.13 respectively. 


My mail program in June 2014 for £3, my IRC client the same month for 59, my Reddit client at the end of 2014 for £1.69, my Dictaphone app in August 2015 for £1.60.


Then you have my Jabber app, free last May, my video player 10p also last May, my publishing app £5 99 last June and my main music app £1.80 in June with my file managers £1.49 in June 2016 and £2.40 in November 2013.


I've had some INSANELY GOOD VALUE from that app store over the years, especially considering how much usage I've had out of them. 


And people seriously complain about the price of apps and actually pirate them?


I'm astonished!

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by: nefarius
on: 08/12/2018 | 04:32

I paid 60 quid, for one app, for one year subscription Smiley Surprised

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by: k89bpa
on: 08/12/2018 | 04:41
Holy **bleep** @nefarius, I don't think all those apps and all the games I've installed come to that, lol

Huawei P20 Pro | 9.0.0 | Data Plan: 80GB

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by: nefarius
on: 08/12/2018 | 05:14

Price you pay for peace of mind house security 🤗

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by: k89bpa
on: 08/12/2018 | 06:45
When you put it like that £60/yr is cheap @nefarious, very cheap.

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by: nefarius
on: 08/12/2018 | 07:05

Plus installation of alarm system of course. 


There were two options 


1) Pay as you go sim alarm. These, as you know, are disconnected after 6 months of no use. 




2) App alarm - this sends a message to my phone when I set/unset the alarm. It sends a message if the alarm is triggered or the power supply is interrupted. And it can be activated/deactivated from remote locations through the app. It was a no brainer.



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by: oli777
on: 08/12/2018 | 07:26
When I had android,which was for many years, I got loads of apps for free and very rarely paid for any.
I wa recently given a second hand iPhone, so I’m using that at the moment.
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by: giffgaff_1986
on: 08/12/2018 | 07:38

dont use android  still rocking a Lumia 640 XL has all the apps i need @k89bpa Cat Happy

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by: andykey
on: 08/12/2018 | 07:38
I think it depends on which purchase model you use. A subscription can be very expensive way of purchasing apps. It's difficult, obviously development can be expensive it's a judgement call on how much you want to pay.
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by: bluenose5
on: 08/12/2018 | 07:52

Never bought any app yet 

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