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Android tv boxes - Any good?

Started by: wyvernred
On: 22/12/2016 | 21:25
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by: wyvernred
on: 22/12/2016 | 21:25



Anybody have an Android tv box, and are they any good? Iv'e seen plenty of them on Ebay, and i wouldn't mind one for Streaming football, more programme choices, etc. Just havent got a clue what one to choose? Any help or recommendations would be deeplt appreciated. Many thanks on advance👍 

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by: bigdaddy0714
on: 22/12/2016 | 21:26
Mines excellent well worth it
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by: chelseamaniac
on: 22/12/2016 | 22:27

Mines the T8 V4 get the best box you can afford and do not buy off amerzon or ebay a lot of clones.

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by: acetech
on: 22/12/2016 | 22:35
I've had one for a few years so not sure what's best these days as the one I have is discontinued.
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by: wyvernred
on: 23/12/2016 | 08:38

Wasn't aware there were a lot of clones on eBay and Amazon. Thanks for the heads up on that and I will check the model you mentioned. Thankyou👍
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by: wyvernred
on: 23/12/2016 | 08:39
Hi @bigdaddy0714

Don't mind me asking, what model android box have you got please?, many thanks😀
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by: wyvernred
on: 23/12/2016 | 08:40
Thanks @acetech.

Glad you're box is good. Thanks😀
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by: madscouser69
on: 23/12/2016 | 08:45
Yeah mate they are fab, I run the Nvidia Shield, Amazing bit of kit, pricey though but well worth it as i can stream all my games from my pc to the big tele when I feel to lazy to go to the mancave Smiley Wink

T8 V4 is a cracking box to gave also
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by: josh08shaw
on: 23/12/2016 | 08:50

Can't you get the box for like £20 of eBay then just put kodi onto ? 

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by: madscouser69
on: 23/12/2016 | 08:54
problems with the cheap boxes is the processing power they have, they can be awful for streaming anything but standard definition films. Live sports are always stuttering, invest in a decent box and it will do you well

A firestick from amazon does the job...just but I soon got fed up with some of the lag and quality so invested in the best...Nvidia Shield
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