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Android tv boxes - Any good?

Started by: wyvernred
On: 22/12/2016 | 21:25
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by: josh08shaw
on: 23/12/2016 | 08:57

It would be a lot easier if you had an android TV, put kodi directly onto it of the play store. I just watch stuff on kodi directly of my phone Smiley Happy

Maybe use kodi through a chromecast dongle?

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by: arahant
on: 23/12/2016 | 09:06

My uncle subcribed for thai expat tv service in thailand and out there you can buy the minix of them with thai expat tv on app on it or buy it yourself-





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by: xxeclairexx
on: 23/12/2016 | 09:12

I brought one of these yesterday.


I brough it becuase my partner has two of these in the house and said he hasnt had a problem with it, also it had good reviews. The only thing that needs updating apparently is the mobdro app which I can easliy do myself.


I brough this for the family to watch downstairs with the intention of my dad and brother watching live sport on it.

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by: bazthebear2
on: 23/12/2016 | 09:13
I know people who have had these, they are good for the football.
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by: lwachtrop
on: 23/12/2016 | 10:43

I love mine, started out with a raspberry pi based device and now use an old PC. with Kodibuntu installed. These devices do require a bit of tweaking and updating from time to time though youtube is a great resource. You may also be able to buy a basic box cheaper on Amazon and follow one of the many guides on youtube to get things started.

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by: exmember-2018-4735772
on: 23/12/2016 | 11:02 edited: 23/12/2016 | 11:05

bought an MXIII last December, thanks to gg payback, approx £35, the basic boxes use android operating system, so if you have used an android phone, the system is easy to navigate

they are basically simple puters, but I would strongly suggest getting one of the small wireless keyboards to go with it, they only usuallly come with a bog standard tv type remote, no good for surfing the interweb

with regards to kodi, learn how to set it up (via youtube, etc) and save yourself a few squid, buy one which has not been "fully loaded"

a lot of the ones sold as fully loaded will also have porn links saved to kodi, not ideal if you have kids in da house


looking to upgrade mine, sometime next year, only because the operating system can not be upgraded to the latest OS with my current tv box, but will keep the box for the spare tv in the spare bedroom, as it still works ok

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by: baconbutty
on: 23/12/2016 | 12:43

There a pain in the bum save yourself a lot of hassle by buying a HDMI lead and attach your laptop to the tv .

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by: bluenose5
on: 23/12/2016 | 12:56
X96 Is Cheap And A Good Box
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