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Apple Keynote - Let's watch it together - Today at 6PM

Started by: shadylady
On: 12/09/2018 | 15:51
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by: willp789
on: 12/09/2018 | 18:23 edited: 12/09/2018 | 18:29

The new Apple Watch can detect a fall, low heart rates, atrial fibrillation (insonsistent heart rate rhythm). Not only that, it can double up as an ECG. We're living in the future, folks!


Screenshot (23).png

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by: navi51
on: 12/09/2018 | 18:24

Being dragged by wild horses would not entice me into contributing to Apples obscene profits

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by: wsjudd
on: 12/09/2018 | 18:25
That's pretty cool, actually.
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by: shadylady
on: 12/09/2018 | 18:29
The Apple Watch looks beautiful. I've never had an interest in smart watches but I wouldn't say no if someone wanted to gifted me this new one! Smiley Wink
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by: tonicurtis1967
on: 12/09/2018 | 18:30
I have no interest in iphones or apple
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by: shadylady
on: 12/09/2018 | 18:37

iPhone time, finally! 

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by: shadylady
on: 12/09/2018 | 18:40

The Gold on the Xs actually looks slick and I normally hate Gold.


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by: shadylady
on: 12/09/2018 | 18:43

iPhone Xs Max. Yep, that's the one that'll be mine. 6.5" OLED display FTW.

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by: willp789
on: 12/09/2018 | 18:44

The iPhone X has evolved into the iPhone Xs (5.8") and iPhone Xs Max (6.5"). They both look very similar to last year's iPhone X, but that's no bad thing.

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by: zerodudex333
on: 12/09/2018 | 18:44

I'm still an Android fanboy that the 120hz display makes me very happy to see. The Razer Phone has a similar thing and it's incredible how much smoother those extra frames make the display feel.

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