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Are humans better...

Started by: marky381
On: 16/07/2017 | 16:46
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by: marky381
on: 16/07/2017 | 16:46

Are humans better at creation or destruction? 


As good as we are at creation especially the female form of us I do also think we are very good as humans at destroying things too perhaps a little to good so I think overall were better at destroying things with all the wars we've created and all the rain forests we've destroyed.. That's my opinion anyway what do you think :-( 

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by: themzbiker
on: 16/07/2017 | 16:48

Better at destruction 

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by: gillone
on: 16/07/2017 | 16:49

deffo a destructive bunch 😎

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by: edwin_harris
on: 16/07/2017 | 17:04

We're best of all at creating distructive things :-)

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by: joolzian
on: 16/07/2017 | 17:57

Destruction is easy while creation difficult so I think we are better at the latter.

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by: tonicurtis1967
on: 16/07/2017 | 18:05
Bitta both lol
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by: ianxo
on: 16/07/2017 | 19:57
Humans are prime, arrogant, narcissists!

We've tried to convince ourselves, that as the only intelligent species (convenient) our exploitation of other species and the environment, are justified from both a religious creative and secular evolutionary perspective.

Our activities are, in the main, destructive and the planet would thrive without us being here...
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by: nat9319
on: 16/07/2017 | 20:52
I think we're mostly creative...

Sure, we've had our fair share of destruction, wars, terrorism, genocide, extinction of wildlife, destruction of land, that's undeniable, but that's not us as a collective species. The vast majority of us don't wake up on a morning and fancy a quick killing spree before breakfast, or feel like punching a baby while we nip round the shop for a pint of milk...

Think of all the positives, we have emergency services to protect us, we have hospitals and sanctuaries for animals, we make sure working animals are looked after, we have nature reserves, we're creating and discovering new ways to protect the environment... Even companies like Velvet have the 3 trees promise.

I think we're becoming more self-aware as time goes on, more responsible for our actions. We're trying to stop all the destructiveness, at least that's what I think anyways...

On the other hand... Imagine a cat with opposable thumbs, now there's some destruction.
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by: bigdaddy0714
on: 16/07/2017 | 21:39
I'm pretty good at wrecking stuff but but I also made some amazing daughters with a bit off help. So my wreck it and create side balance out I think lol
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