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Are people who eat Galaxy Minstrels racist?

Started by: revjonty
On: 30/03/2015 | 00:56
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by: l_mustin
on: 30/03/2015 | 15:50

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@pbzepplin wrote:
Don't forget the term honky used to refer to white people but is fine for black people to use.
Macklemore's thrift shop is a perfect example.

Due to sounding similar, see how many dodgy looks you get if you use the word "nigardly".

Well I for one have learnt a new word today.

Don't be so mean with the g's though.  Smiley Tongue


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by: donnie
on: 30/03/2015 | 15:59

It was an attempt on a pun once removed on the meaning of niggardly. Smiley Embarassed

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by: pbzepplin
on: 30/03/2015 | 16:15
Ah, I did not mean to miss a g out, my phone has keyboard problems and half the time it'll auto correct to an incorrect spelling I used only once or twice.
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by: _trouble
on: 30/03/2015 | 17:15
Nope. Definitely not.
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by: pedromap
on: 30/03/2015 | 17:44 edited: 30/03/2015 | 17:47

not rasists the real meaning of the word minstrel was accorded originaly to medieval traveling entertainers,

I wonder who was the moron whom stole the word minstrel and turned it into a rasist remark deserves a good beating..

[and i am putting it mildly, still makes my blood boil]

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by: anjuma01
on: 30/03/2015 | 17:45
Well that's stupid
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by: dannyd18
on: 30/03/2015 | 17:45

I love Galaxy Chocolate. 

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by: little_lion_girl
on: 31/03/2015 | 21:52
I don't get it?
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