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Are you off to Russia

Started by: 123kingarthur
On: 09/07/2018 | 07:54
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by: 123kingarthur
on: 09/07/2018 | 07:54 edited: 09/07/2018 | 07:56

Are you off to Russia to see THE MATCH  if so the Air fare is £3,000.  So I will have to pass on it this year.  

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by: techiebloke
on: 09/07/2018 | 07:58

Ridiculous, it's just a game.


"Get your free SIM with £5 credit"

Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind
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by: exmember-2018-5766315
on: 09/07/2018 | 08:01 edited: 09/07/2018 | 08:34

I am sorry, but I think it is too much money for a flight only 😏


I would use it for a long holiday with family and close friends, @123kingarthur

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by: frenchielove
on: 09/07/2018 | 08:06

Definitely not @123kingarthur haven’t got that sort of money spare I’m aftaid 

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by: madscouser69
on: 09/07/2018 | 08:15
My mate is planning a road trip and leaves on Wednesday. He asked me to go. I tell you if it wasn’t for family I would love to
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by: jedsam56
on: 09/07/2018 | 08:20

It's much easier and cheaper to watch "the match" in the comfort of your sitting room on TV.

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by: 123kingarthur
on: 09/07/2018 | 08:29
@frenchielove Me neither and if I did I would treat the family to a holiday let for a week
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by: 123kingarthur
on: 09/07/2018 | 08:31
@nedsam56 yes and you can have a 'cuppa to when you need one
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by: 123kingarthur
on: 09/07/2018 | 08:35
@madscouser69 you know you would miss emptying the bins and the boys would miss you and your four legged friend not to mention the wife.
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