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Australians, , drugs, death penalty

Started by: evr301265
On: 12/03/2015 | 01:14
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by: evr301265
on: 12/03/2015 | 01:14
How complete was the investigation, was the trial open,
Did ye evidence leave no room for dought as to the guilt of the suspects and was the evidence legally obtained..

In Indonesia, the death penalty is given for this type of crime, if these people, , in this case , Australians, there is a french national as well as I think 6 other foreign nationals in Indonesia awaiting the death penalty, ,
The Australian Gov. and now it seems richard Branson wants to jump on a plane and give a helping hand to have the death penalty taken away.
Does anyone have the right to dictate to the Indonesians how to run their country if their criminal justice system is properly run..
How many here would want the same penalty for drug runners in this country as they have in indonesia and not just for drugs either, so why should they be dictated to...??
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by: billylinn
on: 12/03/2015 | 02:41
Quite right, each country are entitled to have their.own laws, unlike this country which has very little say, thanks to the eec. My only problem being wrongful conviction, but with the likes of DNA etc, that's hardly likely.
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