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Baptiste lets discuss and spoilers allowed.

Started by: louisebirks
On: 13/03/2019 | 21:47
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by: louisebirks
on: 13/03/2019 | 21:47
I am loving this series. For such a clever man he does seem to make some silly descisions or does he. I cant trust anyone in it except Baptiste.
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by: sp84
on: 18/03/2019 | 17:43
Yesterdays episode seemed intriguing @louisebirks - wonder what was in the envelope Kim left for her husband!
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by: louisebirks
on: 18/03/2019 | 18:48

There isn't anyone who is safe. It's going to be a cushion holding last episode. I might watch last night's episode again. See if I have missed anything 

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by: trudy81
on: 18/03/2019 | 19:43
I've only just started this today, I've watched two episodes so got a while to go yet.
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by: louisebirks
on: 18/03/2019 | 22:40

Well save the thread till you catch up and we can all discuss it at the end. I cant get my head around if Edward is more guilty than it appears. Genievive is hiding a secret with the guy in the hospital. Martha ???? Has she told Baptiste about his son because she can use it when the **bleep** comes out. Why wait till now.


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by: louisebirks
on: 24/03/2019 | 00:03 edited: 24/03/2019 | 21:22

I might have to have a party tomorrow. I am getting excited last episode. Will be needing a glass or two I think. 🍷🍷🍷

It's exciting

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