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Basic usage/calls/Text.period

Started by: jerrycornelius777
On: 09/12/2018 | 11:55
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by: jerrycornelius777
on: 09/12/2018 | 11:55

Dear comunity

I have an apple at home, so use all on that. I am not a prolific phone user, a few calls a month and and maybe 28tx a month.

The question is what is the best goody bag for me-I do no downloads and use 0 net.

It seems goodybagsdont roll over so maybe £5.00 is best.

I read o2 is offering 3p per min 2p per tx for ''classic"-Not sure what classic is, but these prices give  the hammer of thor to giff gaff.And also paying online I have to buy a tenner GBag.

I can understand the young are far more with it(That is natural) but it leaves us old antique Land Line people scoobied..

Basic qusetionPAYG  calls/tx   GG vs O2?


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by: allan1954
on: 09/12/2018 | 12:53 edited: 09/12/2018 | 13:15

@jerrycornelius777 click any banner free £5 credit when you activate the sim card with £10 as for calls and texts yes o2 is cheaper but if you post on this forum here in GD and other parts of the forum giffgaff will give you some payback and it ends up a free service.

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by: weetinamc
on: 09/12/2018 | 13:01

i use the £5 goodybag @jerrycornelius777 sometimes ive nearly but not quite hit the minute limit and sometimes ive used only 10 minutes or so 

i`m more than happy with it

i must admit if it wasn`t for the giffgaff to giffgaff free calls i`d need a bigger goodybag some months

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by: gvmhb
on: 09/12/2018 | 13:12
Yes, if your calls total less than 150 mins per month then the £5 sounds to be best for you on Giffgaff.
You can always exchange airtime credit for goodybags. It can be done here online, or by calling 43430 from your GG phone and following the prompts, so you could top up £10 and use it to buy 2 months goodybags.
Alternatively, if you make much less than 150mins of calls in a month you could well find it cheaper on classic o2 (or Three mobile 321 PAYG)
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