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Best football match

Started by: fhnishiyama
On: 21/06/2016 | 13:23
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by: fhnishiyama
on: 21/06/2016 | 13:23
What was the best football match you watched and why was it the best for you?

For me: Chelsea vs Bayern Munich 2012 Champions League Final.
Reason: The pressure throughout the whole game, being a draw, the importance of the title and the game being decided in the penalty shootout.
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by: solid247
on: 21/06/2016 | 13:26
chelsea tottenham cup final 1967 charlie cooke fantastic display when a football coukdnt be sidefooter 90yards by a girl lol
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by: solid247
on: 21/06/2016 | 13:29
and we lost by the way
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by: chelseamaniac
on: 21/06/2016 | 13:41

So many Chelsea Bolton when we won the Prem for the first time . Champions league final 2012 but I got to say my fist time ever at Stanford Bridge Chelsea v West ham Match finish FT: Chelsea 4-2 West Ham but what a goal


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by: baconbutty
on: 21/06/2016 | 13:45

City v Gillingham play off final 99 Dickov scoring in the 95th minute to take it to penaltys.

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by: fhnishiyama
on: 21/06/2016 | 14:28
So many amazing matches it is hard to pick one lol
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by: bluenose5
on: 21/06/2016 | 15:21
England v West Germany 1966. 4-2 Not only the game but that saying which the whole world knows.? They Think It's All Over.
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by: belenus
on: 21/06/2016 | 17:35
France 3 Brazil 0 in the 1998 world Cup final. Zidane was majestic in the game and scored twice with his head.
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by: c_lockett
on: 21/06/2016 | 18:12
England 5 Germany 1 😅
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