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Best hangover cures

Started by: adria19476
On: 01/01/2019 | 14:54
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by: adria19476
on: 01/01/2019 | 14:54

I bet there is a lot of poorly people today if anyone has any good hangover cures for them people can you put them here please. Mine actually used to be a few more beers and a bacon butty then the hangover would be gone. 

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by: gizzblue
on: 01/01/2019 | 16:21
My fave was a bottle or two of Toby light ....or Bud light ....clears any hangover .
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by: eileenusher
on: 01/01/2019 | 16:33
Hair of the dogs - do it all over again. Lol. My hubby swears by a bloody Mary me a good old fry up, will either kill you or heal you😂
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by: hdavey17
on: 01/01/2019 | 17:15

My hangover go to food has got to be a Maccie D’s 🍔 🍟 


Especially with a chocolate milkshake thrown in. 

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by: rosstheboss1
on: 01/01/2019 | 17:25
One very simple cure drink less and enjoy yourselves more.
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by: navi51
on: 01/01/2019 | 17:25

The old man always swore by the hair of the dog that bit you.

I always found prevention better than cure by the last drink of the night or session being a pint of water if only I could remember the darned thing ! 

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by: alienlady
on: 01/01/2019 | 19:18

@adria19476 don't get drunk ? Smiley LOL

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by: alix81
on: 01/01/2019 | 19:40
I was going to say don't drink so much 😂

Other than that I used to find a pint of water before bed helped a bit and maybe a fry up the next morning.
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by: youngchick
on: 01/01/2019 | 21:41
@adria19476 orange juice , toast, tables, water then hair of the dog 😳
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by: kenralph
on: 02/01/2019 | 00:20
Bananas, or, and was my cure all those years ago...
Tinned tomatoes on toast, the whole tin, with worcestershire sauce for good measure
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