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Brexit - 2 extra years

Started by: pusser
On: 22/09/2017 | 19:10
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by: pusser
on: 22/09/2017 | 19:10

What are your thoughts?

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by: extreme_one
on: 22/09/2017 | 19:13

Considering nobody had any plans or strategies for negotiating an exit from the EU, it's completely unsurprising.


The only surprise is that there are people that are surprised.

If this can be taken two ways, and one offends you, I probably meant the other way Smiley Wink
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by: koshka
on: 22/09/2017 | 19:17

That's a slightly more realistic timescale but maybe still not long enough to avoid rushing some  of the separation

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by: zakrs
on: 22/09/2017 | 19:29

and after 2 years (from march 2019) there will be another 2 years as the UK will be too close to general election to make a decision. After that there will be another 2 years allowing the new goverment to settle...and after another 2 years everybody will get so tired that they'll ask for another 2 years...and while on holidays (together) they'll agree for another 2 years. 

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by: pusser
on: 22/09/2017 | 19:33
Perhaps the two years will be the elastic band type and stretch as long as people will let it Smiley Happy
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by: eileenusher
on: 22/09/2017 | 20:25
Dosent surprise me,what does surprise me that some people seem to be surprised by it.
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by: gizzblue
on: 22/09/2017 | 20:34
The dirty Tory will use it as an excuse in the next general elections. ...we've got this far etc etc etc trust us etc etc.
Although Theresa has form with missing deadlines(and of course boomerang tactics) ...I mean did we ever see the 'tens of thousands' figures she lied about in her last job, to this day still no.
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by: mrbond007
on: 22/09/2017 | 20:43

May needs to go,

I think she will be gone in a week 

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by: bigdaddy0714
on: 22/09/2017 | 20:47
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by: koshka
on: 22/09/2017 | 21:18

mrbond007 wrote:


May needs to go,

I think she will be gone in a week 


I think we may have more idea of her future after conference.

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