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Brexit goodybag

Started by: lpwilliams
On: 19/05/2019 | 08:30
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by: lpwilliams
on: 19/05/2019 | 08:30

I think giffgaff should consider a Brexit goodybag.


There is no end date on the allowances, as long as you ask giffgaff for an extension, which can be a couple of week, months, years or indefinitely.  


Calls and texts would be free to any other UK number and for every minute a brexiteer calls a remainer, then charity gets £50 per minute.


The downside, the goodybag allowance can only be used in the UK unless you get permission of Junker, Tusk and Barnier to use it other EU countries.  To use it in other countries, you need to pay an additional allowance of £350 million per week (although this is subject to change based on Boris Johnson re-negotiating it)


What do you think?


What else could be included in the new Brexit goodybag.

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by: varun1234
on: 19/05/2019 | 08:34
Good idea lolz
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by: auntpixie
on: 19/05/2019 | 09:06
very clever i am sure Boris will sort it all out.
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by: peterhall0012
on: 19/05/2019 | 09:07
It's a yes from me 😀
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by: allan1954
on: 19/05/2019 | 10:04
Sounds good to me.
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by: lpwilliams
on: 19/05/2019 | 17:04

Should I put this in labs?  How much support is there?


Only kidding, I think.

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by: hassan_javed
on: 19/05/2019 | 17:13
very cleverly thought out
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by: stephenpperry
on: 19/05/2019 | 17:54

Just get Nigel to nogotaite and what could go wrong? The mans a genius at m aking people believe he represents them anyway, meanwhile he gets millions from private doners and a consistent paid job at the institutions he hates so much. 

Kudos costs me nothing, so I give it freely .

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by: eileenusher
on: 19/05/2019 | 19:48
You cannot be serious😂😂
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by: standardbearer
on: 19/05/2019 | 19:53
Giffgaff could start by using 39 billion of Tax payers money from the kitty.
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