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Started by: tinawilliams0410
On: 21/07/2019 | 17:26
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by: tinawilliams0410
on: 21/07/2019 | 17:26

Hi everyone

Does anyone think yellow butterflies are spiritual.

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by: johnrooney80
on: 21/07/2019 | 17:49
Hi @tinawilliams0410
Possibly. Natures a Spiritual Thing if you can shut the mind off from the World's Nonsense for a while to appreciate it. I love birds, Moths, and the Natural world- Not keen on wasps and bees, but they're pollinators, so very important, Are you quite Spiritual then?
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by: frenchielove
on: 21/07/2019 | 17:52

I have heard many tales of butterflies afte loved ones passing @tinawilliams0410 for me, it is definitely birds and in particular, the robin

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by: tonicurtis1967
on: 21/07/2019 | 17:59
Mayb so .i love them i have a butterfly tattoo
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by: hassan_javed
on: 21/07/2019 | 21:23
i dont think any butterfly has spiritual values
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by: funnymarv
on: 21/07/2019 | 22:25

I don't think so 

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