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California to ban gendered language.

Started by: nefarius
On: 20/07/2019 | 21:01
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by: bigdaddy0714
on: 20/07/2019 | 21:19
The world is getting crazier and crazier by the day 😁
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by: neil40
on: 20/07/2019 | 23:31
Sick of hearing this stuff..Bring back the 80’s 🤣
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by: acetech
on: 21/07/2019 | 00:36
Ridiculous if true, but these days who knows....
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by: basil1921
on: 21/07/2019 | 08:16
California is strange, San Francisco is strange, Berkeley is strangest of all. I love going there.
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by: kenralph
on: 21/07/2019 | 09:20

The individual in charge of this is an idiot, I can't even write their name down, simply because it has a male identifier in the last three letters. So they need to change their name!

Also they are replacing (please excuse the gender identifier) man power, with ummm.... huMAN power. That's more ink, and possibly more paper used. I'm calling this as the most ridiculous legislation ever.

I know of someone who had to apologise to the leader of a council for name calling.

He said "I apologise to the Chairman of the Chamber" it was pointed out the Chairman happened to be a woman, so he apologised to the Chairlady, which got their hackles raised and he was asked to apologise to the "Chair"

 With a huge grin he apologised to the chair. And continued to chuckle until he was removed. 

True story.

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by: frenchielove
on: 21/07/2019 | 09:30

What absolute garbage! 

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by: mahooli
on: 21/07/2019 | 11:21

The world has gone mad!

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by: janny27
on: 21/07/2019 | 12:06

Dear Lord what is this world coming to!!!!!!

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