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Call Of Duty Black Ops

Started by: panther97
On: 11/11/2010 | 18:28
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by: panther97
on: 11/11/2010 | 18:28

Got this game today and it is amazing. Loving the multiplayer and Little RC Cars! Anyone else got this game?


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by: danielclo1il
on: 11/11/2010 | 18:32
i have my x360 arriving on monday Smiley Very Happy black ops is sat in my room Smiley Happy

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by: misterlj
on: 11/11/2010 | 18:44

got it tuesday morning, multi-player is immense

everything kriss
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by: xmob
on: 11/11/2010 | 20:09

I've got it.


It is a VERY polished game.  The detail in the multiplayer maps is fantastic.


However, I just don't find it as enjoyable is MW2.  Some of my friends also think the same.  We're hoping it's just because it's early days.

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by: edgley
on: 12/11/2010 | 10:40
Eh, I don't play many multiplayer games now. Especially not the new ones. I just don't find them enjoyable.

I have played quite a big chunk of the single player (big chunk being a few hours worth, so almost complete) and found it to be the same as every other CoD game, with a slightly different skin on it.

For me, this game is a 'meh'.
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by: callumacrae
on: 12/11/2010 | 17:54
I don't game, but I'm pretty tempted by this Smiley Happy

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by: adamboutcher
on: 12/11/2010 | 19:35

I have it but I'm stuck on the Vietnam Level on Veteran!

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by: spats
on: 12/11/2010 | 22:17
I pre-ordered it so I got it a day earlier. I have mostly been playing the multiplayer and getting my brother to complete the storyline (lol!Smiley Very Happy) But I really think that this is the best Call Of Duty.
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by: danielclo1il
on: 13/11/2010 | 00:19

co-op campaign anyone Smiley Happy 


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by: technomate
on: 18/11/2010 | 13:45

got it today is very good

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