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Cheap retail sim-free phone in Leeds

Started by: perfide
On: 20/09/2011 | 22:15
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by: perfide
on: 20/09/2011 | 22:15

Hello Giff Gaffers,


I just arrived in UK and ordered my giff gaff sim. I'm looking for a phone, either new or in good condition, in the city of Leeds. Do you know any reputable business where I can find these?


I don't need any extra feature, just good battery life and durability. I'm looking for something in the 20-30 price tag, preferably from Nokia.


Any sugestions?





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by: masteryoni
on: 20/09/2011 | 22:16
I would suggest buying online tbh.
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by: bonusball
on: 20/09/2011 | 22:18 edited: 20/09/2011 | 22:19

Carphone warehouse Nokia c1 about £20.00 good batt life

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by: teajayy
on: 20/09/2011 | 22:19

You can get cheap Nokia's from any supermarket for about a tenner if all you want to do is talk or text on it.

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by: jackoboy9
on: 20/09/2011 | 22:19
Pop into a carphone warehouse to get a phone. But you'll need to top up with a mobile netowrk. Just ask for the top up voucher for o2 so you can call 43430 and top up on your giffgaff SIM. (or online via voucher). O2 vouchers work on giffgaff.

Good luck!
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by: sullyman524
on: 20/09/2011 | 22:21

go to the car phone warehouse Smiley Happy 

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by: nuttymoo
on: 20/09/2011 | 22:27

Try Asda...,default,pd.html


or Carphone Warehouse


or if you don't mind waiting a few days have a look on ebay Smiley Happy

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by: sauron
on: 20/09/2011 | 22:44
Go in to the carphone warehouse and they will be able to sort you out
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