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Chicken pox?!?!?!

Started by: kirstyfellows17
On: 07/02/2018 | 08:58
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by: kirstyfellows17
on: 07/02/2018 | 08:58

Omg to say I'm angry doesn't cover it 😷😡😠


So my boy has woken up with what looks like chicken pox all over his body. So I call the school to see if anyone has had it and what's the procedure. They said yes someone had it two weeks ago. So they obviously took their son/daughter to school with it 😡.


Soo now it's a trip to the doctors today at half 2 to get it confirmed. See what we can get or do to make him better. Also I've only had a very few chicken pox when I was little, it wasn't a full breakout. Will I get it? 


Any advice or information gladly accepted?? 



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by: mikewhiteoliver
on: 07/02/2018 | 09:04

I can see why ypu'd be annoyed, the trouble is:


"Chickenpox is usually infectious from 2 days before the spots appeared until 5 days after they first appeared."

So they may not have known.

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by: padiho
on: 07/02/2018 | 09:09

@kirstyfellows17 The parent was probably unaware that their child was incubating the virus. You are contagious for a couple of days before the spots appear.. If your child went to school yesterday he has probably passed it on to someone else....that's the nature of infectious diseases, can't be helped. Hope he's soon better and you don't get it. 

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by: juwayriyahbibi
on: 07/02/2018 | 09:09
Oh dear sad to hear that and I'm sure you're rightly frustrated. However, I don't think you can get them again if you have already had them once. It can happen but Is very very rare
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by: harryjulie1
on: 07/02/2018 | 09:15
Sorry to hear that and no you won't get them if you have had them once before
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by: themzbiker
on: 07/02/2018 | 09:20

Oh that doesn't sound good @kirstyfellows17 

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by: ellieclarke1989
on: 07/02/2018 | 09:23
Caramolie not sure how to spell it, it's a lotion that will help with the itching

I hope he feels better soon
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by: carrow1
on: 07/02/2018 | 09:37
That's not very nice it's good you warned the school as it's like to go around his classmates.
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by: alienlady
on: 07/02/2018 | 09:50

Although you are annoyed it is better that he gets them in childhood, it gets more complications in adults. You don't know you have them until the spots appear which is why it's infectious.

He will become very itchy so cover him with Camomile lotion , otherwise the spots scar.

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by: allan1954
on: 07/02/2018 | 10:59
just got over shingles that's associated to chicken pox
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