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Clearing out Nokia 5230 phone memory

Started by: geekonthepc
On: 07/06/2010 | 22:15
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by: geekonthepc
on: 07/06/2010 | 22:15 edited: 07/06/2010 | 22:17

I love this phone, but it's beginning to really wind me up. The phone memory is now full (I've known it's been low for ages), but I dont know what to delete. I've got a 2GB memory card in it which has plenty of space free, but without the available memory on the phone things really slow down.


According to my phone's memory count:

82MB internal memory

584kb free memory

11kb Calendar use

32kb sound files

0kb video

34kb docs

4468kb MIDP apps

24MB SIS apps

52MB other files


What is going on, and if anyone else has experience on the phone, what can I delete?

It makes no sense - how the hell is 52MB of other memory being used.


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by: danielclo1il
on: 07/06/2010 | 22:50

Try typing in *#7370#...You will lose your data if you do not backup.


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by: andy0
on: 07/06/2010 | 23:59 edited: 08/06/2010 | 01:45

A couple of times, I've backed up my (E51) phone and it's been reset, like coming back from warranty not long ago (and I hope again next week)


When the back-up is restored, there is more space left than before. Ok, a few applications didn't get reinstalled and have to be found again manually, but even after that there is more space.


I don't know why, whether it's all just internet cache or deleted photos and so on that don't get over-written again, or something else.


So I wonder about the 52 MB of other files you've got, and whether some are redundant cache, or photos and stuff you could move to the memory card


An application that can show more detail of what is in the phone and the separate memory chip is called Y-browser by Dr Jukka. MInd you, it's a bit intimidating, like the very first time you looked in the Windows folder on the PC, and I don't think I'll do any more than look


So, my long-winded start set aside, backup and reset and restore as Dan suggested


But as I say, maybe not all the applications will be back there, so I also made a list beforehand in a Notepad file on the PC desktop ...

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by: idexample
on: 05/10/2010 | 19:59
I have the same problem and used Mobile guard of NetQin to clear a bit and undertand what's wrong but I realise often are accumulated files of even deleted application. I suggest to remove the actual memory card, put in an empty one to copy all that you can, than starting uninsualling application by application and checking what makes more problem and take hidden memory.
I also noticed that Ovi Maps take really more memory that it say and even if not completely installed and visible is there on the folder city that show 0 byte but deleting give you plenty of space.
On the website a tech guru give you plenty of info to reset the phones and more. I think to have read to push red, green, and camera button and keeping them pushed switch on or off the phone.
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by: nnj10
on: 06/10/2010 | 18:24

I have done at least 3 factory reset on my Nokia 5230 for similar mamory issue.

In my case the Ovi Maps seem to consume most of the memory.

I install all the apps on Memory Card, but guess it still stores some (albeit small amount) data on Phone memory, so with more apps installed on my handset my 5230's internal memory keeps going down.

I do always remember to clear up browser cache etc. as they too consume storage space on the device.


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by: gsd750
on: 18/03/2013 | 22:46

Beware....after 3 years of more or less happy ownership of my 5230 I've just done a factory hard reset  after due to persistant Out Of Memory messages.  I've been limping along for a while now but eventually hit rock bottom trying to update WhatsApp. 


After the reset I've found the Messaging client was completely shafted so I can't get GMail, from what I gather this is a known bug due to the client having been upgraded since I first registered and it was getting stuck on 'validating email'.  I deleted it from the App Manager and now can't find any way to re-install it. 


I can't even register on their support site due to a bug, and have spend the evening going round in circles.  To add insult to injury I got an "out of memory" message trying to find a download link on their email site via the phone browser. Arrgghh!


After having happily owned several Nokias over the years, I think I've just about had it Man Mad


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