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Creating a better workplace

Started by: munglespoon
On: 16/10/2018 | 17:26
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by: munglespoon
on: 16/10/2018 | 17:26

Research on positive organizational scholarship has revealed a powerful weapon for creating happier workplace cultures and more loyal and committed employees who produce better work. It comes down to one word: kindness.

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by: chapman1962
on: 20/10/2018 | 00:04
If being kind made things better maybe more kind people should should join this forum.
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by: standardbearer
on: 23/10/2018 | 08:11
If you look after your team, then they will look after you.
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by: majorincident
on: 23/10/2018 | 09:33

Get rid of psychotic management and it's partner in crime, HR.  People are capable of working collaboratively and for the greater good.

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by: illneverrememberit
on: 23/10/2018 | 09:58

stop ticking boxes in the management tools list, and listen to the employees!  And lead from the front, and don't make wild promises to customers that your poor employees are left struggling to deliver!

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by: crazy__avocado
on: 24/10/2018 | 01:58
Too many workplaces are too namby pamby these days. We need people to e a bit tougher and take things on the chin. Get a bit more work done and stop sitting around talking about feelings.
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by: orlf
on: 16/01/2019 | 02:12
Most workplaces I've been part of, or worked with, have clearly lacked kindness. In many cases it's just down to one or two really toxic people.
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