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Creative Writing Challenge February/March 2019 ♥️❤️♥️ HEARTS ♥️❤️♥️

Started by: jesi23
On: 05/02/2019 | 20:07
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by: holier_than_thou
on: 12/02/2019 | 17:57
Love at first sight
That's what they say
But for me it was words
All night and day

Talking, whispering
Into the night
Hanging on to each word
With all of my might

She was 'the one'
I loved her from the start
Now we are married
And she has my heart
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by: hunterchunk
on: 12/02/2019 | 18:06
I never thought it could be so bad
Such pain and struggle to see
Sometime soon I will be a Dad
No longer my wife and just me .

She cries out loud and calls me a name
I wish there were more ways to help
She shouts and says I'm the cause of her pain
If she only knew how I felt !!!

My heart is pumping oh so fast
My legs have started to quiver
I'm feeling faint , Oh no , please pass
Too late , I've started to slither

When I come to it's all been done
Wife and baby side by side
She smiles and says " we have a son "
My heart just burst with pride .
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by: alicia_humphrey
on: 14/02/2019 | 12:59

The heart of a child, so little and pure.

Always inquisitive, always so sure.


The heart of a teen, broken once or twice.

Shuts out the world, as cold as ice


The heart of an adult, childless and free.

Too soon to settle down, goes on as they please


But the heart of a mother, biggest of all. 

Nurtures her children, both big and small.

She wipes away tears and makes everything alright. 

She's there even when she's ill, she's your everything, your light. 💕 

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by: pinks29
on: 14/02/2019 | 18:33
On Valentines day hearts are all around, we send our sweetheart a special card, with lovely words. It's a pity we cannot do this all year round, share love and friendship, everyone needs a kind word or a hug at sometime when feeling a bit down. Heart disease, heart attack, heart ache when you think your heart has been broken, the heart is one of the most important organs in our bodies. So until the next Valentines day, lets all help each other to keep our hearts healthy and happy with exercise, less stress if possible and a lot of love and cuddles. Happy Valentines Day to everyone, enjoy !!!!!!!!!!
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by: jonpas2
on: 17/02/2019 | 03:27
I think I will write a love song about 'Hearts'.
'Lets see?'....'Hearts torn astray,deep it hurts'.....'erm' that's been done before'. 'What about'...'Heartache,nothing but a heartache....
'Ooops that's been done too'.....'Now think'..'Yes'.....'Can't you see I love you ,please don't break my heart in two'....'Oh! Dear another one already penned'.....'I will persist'...'Now let me think again'...'Got it!!'....'What becomes of the broken-hearted...'Oh no! That was a classic..was it not?...'I won't give in'...'I left my heart in San Fra.....'Come on! Another classic'. 'I won't be beaten'...
'Any one who had a heart, would....'Yet another failure'....'I am getting a little worried, my attempts at song writing are becoming .....
(He)artless'...'Still I try'....'Yes!! Got the first line'.....'Heart the Herald Angels sing'....'Right,I am getting desperate...'I give up'..,
It was a 'Heartless task, in any case'.
The aging reprobate strikes again..
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