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Creative Writing Challenge (Summer 2019) ~~ EXAMINATIONS ~~ August/September

Started by: jesi23
On: 08/08/2019 | 21:44
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by: jesi23
on: 08/08/2019 | 21:44 edited: 08/08/2019 | 21:57

Welcome to the Creative Writing Challenge for SUMMER 2019.


As many people are on holiday, this will run for both August and September. 


The topic suggested this month is EXAMINATIONS



My granddaughter is awaiting her GCSE results … and I have had a few hospital appointments, so it seemed topical and open to various interpretations.




This thread is for ENTRIES only. One entry please per person.


This makes it easier to read and judge the entries without distractions. 


Please put all comments in the COMMENTS thread. 

This is a live link to the comments thread! 


The comments thread is where you can ask more questions about the entries, and discuss the writing styles and ask for advice. Basically, anything related to the topic but not in itself an entry! You can also submit ‘non-entries’ if you are so inspired!


Everyone is welcome to submit an entry in this thread. Feel free to interpret the theme however you want!


Please keep your entry under 1500 words if possible.


If you submit an entry written by someone else please give proper credit and acknowledgements.


There are no prizes, but the winner will be chosen as usual on the basis of ‘kudos’ received by the end of the month



We have had quite a varied interpretations each month, and a lot of thoughtful responses …


Looking forward to reading your entries this month! 



🤡 Jes



Please don't forget to come back after your problem has been resolved and select a best answer.
Also consider a kudos [+★] for any member who helped.
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by: claire1uk
on: 12/08/2019 | 01:43

We need examinations.


To discover inflammation.


To prevent contamination.


To a growing population. 

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by: caro120
on: 12/08/2019 | 02:22

Examinations seem to begin from the minute we enter the world!


Is the baby alright, who does he/ she look like?


Then testing testing through school.. the examinations of dating - examining the mind and later the body?


Examined at work, examined by society and occasionally authorities.


(If all this makes you paranoid then you may feel even more examined!)


Then later the self examination, is there a lump, what is that mole doing, is my wee normal, is my bottom behaving?  We examine food labels to try to do the right thing...


Finally the post mortem examination and after we go up in smoke the air gets examined but it's anyone's guess what contribution we've made to that...



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