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Daily Funny? by @giffered

Started by: giffered
On: 09/02/2018 | 17:57
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by: django21
on: 25/04/2019 | 22:25
Interesting question. I think Wisdom is more me. Smiley Very Happy
Is intelligence or wisdom more useful?
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by: giffered
on: 26/04/2019 | 06:57
good morning @django21

you were wise to pick wisdom Smiley Happy
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by: goofygirl
on: 26/04/2019 | 07:03
I could do with that sign for when I wash the car. I get loads of stupid comments lol.
Mmmm i think we all need some wisdom and intelligence, they kind of go together for me.
I fixed my mums hearing aid yesterday, that was a positive, though she still keeps saying what lol.
Have a great day
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by: giffered
on: 26/04/2019 | 07:27
hahaha good one
yes I guess if you have Wisdom you are going to be intelligent anyway Smiley Happy

good morning @goofygirl
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by: spiritquest
on: 26/04/2019 | 07:40
Good morning Sir, hope you are doing well. The funnies are fantastic, particularly the car poster. People are so odd when they see you working outside, everyone has a quip, no one says thanks for being a good neighbor and cleaning the street in front of your house, or picking up the neighborhood trash. Just always that dumb comment. Perhaps it is to cover their own lack of ambition and personal pride in their belongings and environment. The most positive thing I did yesterday was to volunteer to go on the new flexible contract at work. It means more pay and being a bit more flexible with my days and hours at work. Lucky for me, I am the only person who does my job, and it is unlikely the store will ask me to change too much too often. In the meantime, it will mean a bit more in my pay packet. In my unqualified opinion, Intelligence and wisdom are both very important, however, I believe that Wisdom is the more important characteristic when dealing with people. Intelligence is great when working out Mathematics and doing scientific research, however day to day wisdom serves us better. Enjoy your day Sir!
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by: tonicurtis1967
on: 26/04/2019 | 08:00
Hard 1 that cant we have both lol id say wisdom my gran was wise . Morning @giffered positive yesterday saw 3 of my grand kids
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by: dolly247
on: 26/04/2019 | 08:17
Good morning @giffered 😂.
An intelligent man always tries to prove he's right in an argument ...
A wise man agrees with his wife and shuts up Smiley Very Happy Smiley LOL 😂 😂
Positive yesterday..
I survived work. x
Don't worry about the things you can't change, only the things you can.
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by: clikasarus
on: 26/04/2019 | 08:24
Thanks @giffered for the funnies they are brill
I think both are a must these days

Positive think I did yesterday was I gave a young woman who was walking in the torrential rain a Umbrella which was spare in my boot as she was soaked , she was very grateful as she said she was picking up her son from school and said I was very kind
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