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Started by: staciesnowden
On: 21/08/2014 | 04:09
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by: staciesnowden
on: 21/08/2014 | 04:09 edited: 06/12/2016 | 17:36

Heads up - while supportive, this thread at times contains frank discussion of mental health issues. Please keep in mind when reading that you may come across some posts that could be uncomfortable or upsetting. When responding, please remember that the people in the conversation may need understanding more than they need advice.


If you're experiencing symptoms of depression, we recommend you contact a professional as soon as you are comfortable doing so. While members are often happy to give support, we are not qualified to give health advice. We recommend the Samaritans (free on giffgaff by calling 116 123) as a first port of call, as well as contacting your GP for a consultation.

- the giffgaff community team


Depression is a silent killer of so many people like.. Robin Williams Smiley SadSmiley Sad
so many take their own lives to get out of depression as its an easy way out Smiley Sad
There is no cure for it and no true help to cope with it..
we just have to take one day at a time so we can cope a little bit Smiley Sad
doctors think that taking pills after pills to try to level our brain out to ease our depression..
the pills dont work for everyone..
and seein a shrink sometimes help Smiley Happy always seek help from your GP or therapist. Dont leave it too long to see yr doctor. They can help u just as much as we help eachother here. Smiley Happy

So my heart goes out to those who suffer everyday with depression.. it makes our lives harder too Smiley Sad
for those who have been left to pick up the pieces after a loved one has taken their lives.. Smiley Sad
i just wish people could understand what we go through everyday just to survive each day Smiley SadSmiley Sad




We are here for each other and to talk about our depression Smiley HappySmiley HappySmiley Happy

Anyone found my marbles????
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by: andygurney46
on: 21/08/2014 | 06:12
I've suffered for many years and suffered several suicide attempts. Thank god I found a good gp but it took time years of being asked what's wrong and to just buck up is not helpful when you don't know what's wrong or how to be what they call happy
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by: raycharnock
on: 21/08/2014 | 06:28

Tough one is depression to diaganose.

Would one million pounds in the OP's bank account clear the blues ???   If it would its not depression

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by: tonychurm39
on: 21/08/2014 | 06:51
Yes it can be fatal.. One of my friends suffered it and seen what it does
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by: ksteach
on: 21/08/2014 | 06:52

Why are you depressed op ??

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by: ranks
on: 21/08/2014 | 07:43
Stress and depression are killers in there own right ...
Its a state of mind -
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by: lulurules
on: 21/08/2014 | 08:15
Yes depression should be made more aware of in this country some people are to afraid to ask for help hence the suicide rate if people had more knowledge of what to look out for then they could help friend's/ family etc before its to late anyone suffrring depression please speak up your not alone
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by: do_mo
on: 21/08/2014 | 08:33
Life is like a rollercoaster,.... lots of ups and downs..... but that doesnt matter, its how you ride the rollercoaster and get off at the end.
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by: klmwong
on: 21/08/2014 | 08:57

Can I ask something about depression?


I have a friend who is climically depressed. Is one of the symptoms of depression complaining about anything and everything and making out you are in the right and everyone else is in the wrong, and also that stuff that happens is not your fault or reponsibility?


I ask because that is how my friend is all the time. Is this part of depression or is it cos she's a moany, complainy type? At the first sign of any adverse comments she will cite her depression as the reason but part of me does wonder if part of it is a get out clause. I am thinking it;s a bit of both.

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by: headcell
on: 21/08/2014 | 09:17
so many take their own lives to get out of depression as its an easy way out Smiley Sad
It certainly is not an easy way out. It is a last resort, borne from hopelessness, and being unable to see any light at any time in the future. That feeling of total desolation is what tips people to suicide. But it is by no means an easy way out.
doctors think that taking pills after pills to try to level our brain out to ease our depression..
Some GPs think like that. Mine don't.
the pills dont work for everyone..
Some pils can make matters far far worse. The pills can drag you further down, which is why on the LONG leaflet that come with the medication it tells you to see your GP IMMEDIATELY if there is any worsening of the symptoms.
and seein a shrink sometimes help Smiley Happy
It depends on the psychiatrist/psychologist, and the treatment offered. There's absolutely no point in offering me a group-based threrapy, for example.
A psychiatrist can give you a diagnosis; the label you end up with can be a useful guide as to the treatment that may work. But labels are a best-fit, so may not be as accurate as you think.
Mental illness still has a major stigma attached as it implies 'madness' and an imability to control one's own actions. There are diagnostic manuals from which pyschiatrists can identify different illnesses. In the US they use DSM - Diagnostic and Statistical Manual - version 5, (it might be version 6 now); In Europe we have the ICD - International classification of diseases. Remember, these are dynamic and what was mental illness one year is not so classified another. There are illnesses listed in the DSM that are not in the ICD - caffeine addiction is one of them.



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