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Started by: staciesnowden
On: 21/08/2014 | 04:09
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by: nat9319
on: 16/12/2016 | 17:48
Hi guys ☺

Quick update - Yeah, I'm alright... Ish...

I've been in hospital since around 4am on ze 13th... Lets just say I had a teeny tiny bit too much to drink, just a smidge...

Wonderful alcohol poisoning... I've been in a coma, how wonderful's that..? Woke up with a tube down my throat, felt iller than I thought was even possible, got told I was very lucky to be alive (Yeah, right...) with the level of alcohol in my system, fun times, fun times...

I still don't know where the hell my car is... It's just been one of those weeks...

Anyways, I hope you're all alright ☺

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by: frenchielove
on: 16/12/2016 | 18:29

Sorry to hear that @nat9319 thank goodness you are still here to tell the tale. Are you home now and safe? We missed you x

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by: nat9319
on: 16/12/2016 | 21:15
@frenchielove, it's sweet that you missed me but I'm not worth the hassle, I've already got the drink in again (I'm not dependent by the way), I've lost a crap load of money, I've 'lost' a Β£15k car (I'm out looking for it now), lost my job, lost my mind... I could go on...

It was a funny old night, it went from being with a mate, happy & awesome to me being unresponsive, not breathing & changing colour...

Disaronno is one of my favourite tipples. I had 5 bottles, downed them all, plus straight vodkas & some other stuff, I could barely crawl, let alone walk. Passed out on the street, t'weren't good, but after losing as much money as I did, I needed a drink.

I dunno where the Merc is, I have the keys, it's got a Viper system in it so I get a notification whenever the engine starts so I know it hasn't been driven since, I might have to give in & get it's tracker activated, I kinda need it back...
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by: frenchielove
on: 16/12/2016 | 21:36

We all missed you @nat9319 please please stay safe, you are worth it, find your car, and let us know you are ok. Im sorry to hear about last night, it doesnt sound good. Thank goodness you are ok x

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by: islasdad
on: 16/12/2016 | 21:58

Hi @nat9319  (and everyone else of course)


Oh my poor flower, give yourself a wee break from battering yr body, PLEASE take a bit of care... We can't do that for you but I dearly wish I could help take some burden off you.


You don't deserve the punishment you're giving yourself. I can't bear the idea of you hurting yourself like this. If you keep this up you're gonna end up being locked up.


I'm sure you don't need yr friends from here giving you a hard time, but maybe you need a prod from us experienced self-abusers. Please, please go a bit easier on yrslf.

We all care about you even tho you are having trouble caring about yourself right now


Have some interweb HUGS my friend



lets all be nice eh?
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by: sobiakhan01
on: 16/12/2016 | 23:09
@staciesnowden ask me about it I've had it a few times, omg it's so bad 😐 but don't worry I know how to keep yourself away from depression.....keep yourself busy, make a busy routine for yourself, make plans for the next day, don't sit around doing nothing then your go in depression 😞 make some shopping plans with your friends/family, invite friends over for meals, parties etc am sure this will help, keep your mind busy and don't think about stuff that u know will get you in depression
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by: nat9319
on: 16/12/2016 | 23:21

Before I reply I've gotta have a rant.


The cheeky ba***rds at The Northern Echo published a story about me! I'm not amused, that'll be down tomorrow like, I thought "news" had to be in the public's interest..?


How's my drinking in the interest of the public..? Ffs.


And when I find this 'friend'...........





Not happy about that like.

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by: nat9319
on: 16/12/2016 | 23:55
@islasdad, heyhey ☺

I was a bit of a shh... When I was younger, I've been to prison before, it's nowt, it's easy, probably not the response you were looking for πŸ˜‰

You're right, I honestly don't give a flying monkey's f... about myself at the minute, I'm all for caring about others, but not myself, or my family or friends...

I'm one of the happiest drunks you could ever meet though, I love it & everyone else πŸ˜ƒ I'm very much a binge drinker though, it goes like water, water that burns on the way down...

I don't see it as a punishment (The price is though), I see it as an escape, a way for me to be 'manic' (Immensely happy), & much, much too drunk to remember any of the crap in my head. So I have the odd 2 day coma & the occasional near-death experience, as we say here, it'll be reet... I'll survive. I don't intend on drinking 400+ cls of alcohol again anytime soon...

Have an interweb hug yourself. --- BTW, I haven't drank tonight.

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by: islasdad
on: 17/12/2016 | 00:06
Nice to hear yr ok Nat and that you don't booze heavy every day... Please just try & avoid the 'near death' binges tho. eh?
I completely relate to 'escape' and in the short term it certainly can be. All I'm saying is please don't let it escalate.
Full blown alcoholism is a terrible thing as would be using any substance that heavily... Please, please don't ever go down that road, therein lies madness.
You are worth so much more than just turning yourself into a statistic.
HUG, HUG, HUG chick, take some care
lets all be nice eh?
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by: nat9319
on: 17/12/2016 | 00:29
And lose all the excitement..? Eee, I dunno about that like 😜

My life's done a complete U-turn this month, I'm failing to see any parts of it that I like... But I know drink & all the other substances I've had aren't the answer, I wish a bit of base would show me where my car is, my money is, my new phone is, my Bernese is, but it doesn't, it just makes me never shut up, probably how everything's ended up vanishing in the first place...

I'll try to look after myself a teensy bit better, no promises though.

You look after yaself too matey πŸ˜‰

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